Zedd Claps Back at Homophobic Reply to Gay Marriage Proposal

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Zedd Claps Back at Homophobic Reply to Gay Marriage Proposal

In a world full of so much unnecessary hate, oftentimes, people will turn to music as a way to escape the negative realities of life. The undeniable power held within a track is something that often gets overlooked. Listening to a song can instantly take you on a trip down memory lane. Furthermore, it can periodically take you back to the first time you heard the track with someone close to you, resulting in a sense of sheer bliss. 

For one Houston-based gay couple, their special song is Zedd's chart-topping single 'Clarity'. Recently, the lovebirds attended the German-Russan DJ's show in Houston so they could hear their favourite song live. One half of the happy couple, David Montoya, had an extraordinary surprise in store. He spun his partner around to face him and proposed!

In the clip uploaded on Twitter, the boyfriend, who goes by JuJu on the platform, is visibly thrilled by the impromptu engagement! Although the audio wasn't clear, one thing is certain, he said "yes!" There's no question that the crowd was instantly overjoyed for the happy couple, however, when the video went viral, one user responded with "disgusting".  Zedd quickly jumped in to shut down the homophobic response by stating “get the f--ck outta here!”  



Even in 2019, we're still facing homophobia. We'd like to encourage the Flag Fam to continue to live up to Zedd's admirable example by being an ally for our friends in the LGBTQ+ community. The EDM community also prides itself on acceptance; that said, we should continue to spread this beautiful gift in our everyday lives. Lastly, congratulations are in order! We would like to wish the newly engaged couple all of the happiness in the world.



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