Ultra Music Festival: No Refunds Will Be Issued Following COVID-19 Cancellation

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Ultra Music Festival: No Refunds Will Be Issued Following COVID-19 Cancellation

By now, you are likely aware that Miami's Ultra Music Festival has been postponed until next year. Fans are still in a state of shock due to the fact that one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world will not be setting the tone for festival season. In addition, other acclaimed festivals such as Tomorrowland Winter have also followed suit by cancelling their highly anticipated editions this year.

While your jaws are still on the floor, we are saddened to report that Ultra Miami will not be offering full refunds. Instead, the organizers have done their best to offer an "extraordinary added value package" in hopes of rectifying the unfortunate occurrence due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreaks. The Festival Owl has recently shared some important information for any 2020 ticket holders seeking to take advantage of the value package. 

"ALL tickets purchased will of course remain valid and will be honored at either the 2021 or 2022 Ultra Miami event, at your option,” Ultra confirms. "You will have 30 days to choose which Ultra Miami event you want to attend. Additionally, we are also working to offer a digital online Ultra experience as soon as possible."

Any 2020 Ticket Holder May Redeem the Following Benefits:

  • One ticket to Ultra Music Festival in 2021 or 2022
  • An extra hour at Ultra Miami 2021
  • One free ticket to an Ultra Worldwide or Resistance event (excluding Miami) in 2021
  • A discount for 50% off up to $250 in merchandise
  • Exclusive access to $99.95 Premium GA private sale to Ultra Miami 2021
  • Exclusive access to buy two more GA passes at $249.95 for Ultra Miami 2021
  • Chance at 10 Ultra Golden Tickets that admit a +1

Unsurprisingly, ticket holders as well as dedicated followers of the beloved music festival have flocked online to express their related frustrations. Sure, losing the ticket cost is unfortunate, but it's also all of the other costs that make this unpredictable situation unpleasant. Future attendees had already spent large amounts of money on their flights, hotels, costumes, etc. In addition, they scheduled time off work and made related plans to be able to attend. We're looking forward to seeing if class action lawsuits will arise shortly. What are your thoughts, Flag fam? 


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