Top 10 Items That You Should Bring to Every Music Festival

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Top 10 Items That You Should Bring to Every Music Festival

If you have plans to experience your very first music festival and are still unsure about what to bring, or perhaps you have attended a few in the past, but have yet to master the go-to essentials list – there’s no need to fret, this vet will share her best-kept tips and tricks with you! 

I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favourite festival essentials, AKA my “festie besties”, in hopes that they make your next fest’ that much more enjoyable. Trust me, you wouldn’t catch me without any of these items – they are crucial to my happiness while frolicking the grounds.

Let us know if we missed anything by dropping us a comment via our official social media channels. We’d love to hear what you ensure to pack, and how these “festie besties” enhance your overall adventure!

10. Something to Share

This might be one of the biggest tips that I can disclose. Although you might be attending with a group of friends, it’s encouraged to branch out of your crew to meet new people. You’d be surprised how far offering a piece of gum (make sure it’s sealed upon entry), or better yet, a handmade piece of kandi can go – the outcome might lead to a lifelong friendship! 

In addition, depending on the event’s rules and regulations, bringing in a marker could lead to many beautiful moments. Some partygoers will bring flags (we love and encourage it!), or a custom-made t-shirt; with their permission, you can sign it, and leave your imprint on their lives forever. Furthermore, if you meet someone who catches your eye, writing your number on their hand is a super romantic way to make your mark on them (pun intended).


9. Portable Charger

Some of you might have thought that the marker-on-palm idea might be a little extreme, but this golden trick is full proof because many partygoers’ cellphone batteries die during the course of the day (thanks, Snapchat…).

A portable cellphone power bank, like SWFTCharger, will be the greatest of your “festie besties”, especially at the end of the day. Spoiler alert: there is a chance that you get separated from your squad; therefore, having a fully charged cellphone battery will definitely come in handy.

Extra Tip: pick a meetup spot before beginning your day’s adventure, somewhere that everyone will remember, and that doesn’t involve Security insisting that you leave the venue at the end of the night. Some of your friends might not realize that bringing a power bank will help them find you in the long run, or a ride home (again, plan ahead). 

8. Poncho

This is easily one of the most forgotten, yet essential items, that all ravers should ensure to bring. A simple, lightweight, and well-compact poncho will be a lifesaver if a sudden downpour occurs. Trust us, it’ll be worth the trip to Dollarama

Extra Tip: if it’s a 2-day fest’, buy 3 ponchos; it’s not likely that it will rain during both of the days, and if it does, you will be well-equipped. Furthermore, you will be an undeniable hero when you give the extra poncho out to someone who wasn’t as prepared as you.

Extra-extra Tip: purchase the clear ones to show off your stylish outfit!

7. Sun Protection

Speaking of outfits, sun protection is key to making the most of the festival, and can really increase the overall aesthetic of your ensemble. Wearing a good pair of sunglasses (we suggest Snapchat’s Spectacles *make sure they’re charged ahead of time!), and a hat, will be great tools to fight against the sun’s harsh rays.

In addition, putting on an even layer of sunscreen, while reapplying as needed throughout the course of the day, will be one of the greatest decisions down the road. Rocking the lobster look isn’t cute… 

Lastly, don’t forget lip balm! We often forget to protect our lips; not only will it prevent them from getting a sunburn, but it will also add moisture after being surrounded by dust all day. 

6. Antiperspirant/Deodorant:

Now that our thoughts have drifted to hot weather, we have to tell you about the importance of wearing antiperspirant/deodorant. Most believe that these two are interchangeable, when, in fact, they aren’t. Antiperspirant blocks sweat, while deodorant controls odor. Don’t be “that person” on the dancefloor; just put on the pit-stick, already! 

Extra Tip: this can be another thing that you share, even with a DJ. Check it out below!

5. Baby Wipes

Undoubtedly, personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways we have to protect ourselves and others from illness. Keeping this in mind, we strongly encourage you to bring baby wipes as the dreaded porta-potties are what nightmares are made of if you don’t come prepared. 

Spoiler alert: there will be a time during the fest’ where the washrooms will run out of toilet paper, and more than likely, out of the water to wash your hands too. Although most bring hand sanitizer, baby wipes are a wonderful alternative, and can also be used to feel refreshed after prancing through the dust clouds. 

4. Earplugs

Earplugs, such as Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs, may seem a little foreign at first, but trust me, your ears will thank you in the long run. Electronic dance music events often average around 115 decibels. With that in mind, when a human ear is exposed to decibel levels of 85, it can cause hearing damage. Don’t ruin your hearing, follow your favourite DJs lead, and wear the damn things!

3. Hydration Pack/Water Bottle

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of protecting the exterior of the body, we have to talk about the benefits of nourishing the inside! Sure, you’ve probably heard about the importance of staying hydrated, but we can’t stress this fact enough!

Wearing a hydration pack, such as VIBEDRATION, will not only give you quick and easy access to water, but it will also save you money, and help the environment – seriously, who wants to pay $5 for a water bottle and create more waste?

In 2019, all festivals should have a water station available to fill your hydration pack and/or water bottle. Don’t hesitate to scope out the ones that have the shortest lines, or plan ahead if you think you’ll be waiting a while. Staying hydrated is so important!

Extra Tip:Emergen-C is a nutritional supplement that contains vitamin C and other nutrients designed to boost your immune system and increase energy.” I personally like to mix 1 packet in my water before and after a festival (you can take up to 2 daily). It gives my body the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and energized throughout the course of the festival.

2. Wallet

Bringing your wallet seems pretty standard, but you would be surprised to find out how many people go all the way to the fest’ to find out that they have left their IDs and cash at home.

This one’s at the top of the list for a reason; make sure you pack this essential item! You will need your ID for many reasons, one being to prove you are of legal drinking age (often times you will receive a bracelet to confirm this fact when you're inside the venue). Acceptable valid identification include

Extra Tip: put your wallet (and other precious items) in a Ziploc bag! This trick will come in handy if ever it rains, or simply, to protect your things from being damaged.


1. Ticket/Wristband:

Your ticket/wristband should be the very first thing that you ensure to bring – without it, you won’t be able to enter the festival’s grounds, or you will be forced to purchase another pass (if it’s not sold out, that is).

Extra Tip: when you receive your wristband, ahead of time, please, either don’t put it on; if you do, don't fasten it too tightly! If you tighten it close to your wrist, it might cut off your circulation, and you may not be able to take it off (unless you try the nifty trick below). If you cut it, your bracelet will more than likely not be valid upon entry. It’s also important to visit the festival’s official site to see if the wristband should be put on a specific wrist. Treat this item like the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!



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