The Flag Gang Family's Advice For A First Time Raver

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The Flag Gang Family's Advice For A First Time Raver


We want to extend a special thank you to all of our followers who took the time to share their wisdom over the past few weeks. 

We asked, "What advice would you give a first-time raver", and many of you didn't hold back with your recommendations!

We have compiled our favourite answers, and hope that this bounding activity will assist someone in The Flag Gang family when they attend their very first EDM event.

Keep sharing your suggestions for a chance to be featured on our official social media channels, and our website. 


Marc-Antoine Foucault, "You can go alone. You’ll meet a lot of wonderful people 🙏🏻❤️"

Isaiah Lopez, "Help someone if they look like they need it."

Anna-véronique Houde, "Be careful, have fun and don't be scared to talk to people. Sometimes, they become good friends ❤️💫"

Christina Rossy, "Don’t be scared to get lost in the crowd."



kat_odayin "Get a water bottle with a clip, so you can clip it to your bag (conserving space within the bag for a sweater). Never forget the water bottle, 5$ water bottles means you choose dehydration over life lol so free water the way to go."

808trance, "Go for the music above anything else."

_king_christian, "STAY HYDRATED PERIOD."

tarinbisset, "Proper [earplugs]"

alyciabsimard, "WATER AND GOOD DAMN SHOES!! 😂"

musicjunkiegurl28, "It’s never too late to start raving so why not start now lol 😂 🙌🏻😎"

tearineytrosky, "Stop and smell the roses..... your first time..... is nothing like your second- or third- or ever. They are all incredible don't get me wrong. But your first time being enlightened is truly remarkable. 💫💕"

chino.yeung, "Go with good friends. People you trust."

semeyehuman, "Bring gum, drink OJ and water... LOTS OF WATER 💧 have fun, dance your ass off."

etaymusic, "Leave all your life problems on the door before you go in, just feel the music, meet new people, spread positive vibes with the people around you, if you see that anyone needs help, offer help, stay hydrated, don’t eat too much because that’s gonna make your moves slower, take a power bank for your phone and just feel the DJ when he’s playing and you’re gonna have much much fun🙏🏻"

exeliaa, "[Don't] wear white shoes"





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