[Listen] Steve Aoki Released His Sixth Studio Album, Neon Future IV

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[Listen] Steve Aoki Released His Sixth Studio Album, Neon Future IV

Steve Aoki is undeniably one of the hardest working individuals in the industry! His admirable motivation has consistently pushed him to take on even the most seemingly unattainable projects. Over the years, his example has encouraged fans to reach for their dreams. As such, there's no stopping the American producer from continuing to deliver inspirational masterpieces.

Most recently, the music executive released his highly anticipated sixth studio album, Neon Future IV. The album series was certainly worth the wait! In addition, he not only fulfilled the concept of a technology-filled future, but he also continued to uphold his impressive standards with everything that he takes on. When speaking on the album, Steve Aoki stated,

"I have songs that are intrinsic to the DNA of what Neon Future is about and I have my club bangers and all this stuff, and they all work together, because at the end of the day they're all musical expressions of this period of time of Steve Aoki."

The album is composed of a whopping twenty seven tracks! Aoki has always been an open book; it's only fitting that his musical releases follow suit. Fans we'll get an even deeper glimpse into the producer's passions as the tracks showcase various elements of his interests, including the mutually beneficial relationship between machines and humans, and much more!

It's always intriguing for his dedicated followers to get a looking glass into his mind. We've seen this on numerous occasions, whether it's through his releases, or in his book, Blue: The Color of Noise. Neon Future IV is but another perspective into the superstar's unique interests. Be sure to give the album a listen below. We're positive you'll be left with a sense of inspiration, whether it be to tackle your own projects, or discover more about these fascinating topics.


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