Steve Aoki Shares How Caking Phenomenon Came to Be

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Steve Aoki Shares How Caking Phenomenon Came to Be

Riverside Festival 2019 has recently wrapped up its impressive 7th edition. Steve Aoki closed off the soldout series of events and threw a whopping 10 cakes into the crowd. The American DJ is known for his memorable theatrics; this got us thinking - how did the caking phenomenon become what it is known as today? 

Funny timing, recently, Steve Aoki sat down with Joe Rogan for episode #1345 of The Joe Rogan Experience in which he elaborated on this particular subject. In addition, he also dished on a long list of intriguing topics such as the Aoki Foundation, his obsession with the human brain, fitness, life extension, and more!

The nearly 3-hour conversation gave fans an in-depth insight into Aoki's mind. The undeniably hardworking individual has continuously pushed the envelope when it comes to a typical DJ performance, and there's no stopping him from continuing to sprinkle (or frost) added special touches in the coming years.

Aoki shared that the caking phenomenon all began in 2011. He wanted his performances to stand out amongst the rest with a "unique, different and engaging" element. On his label, he signed an artist and one of the videos showed cakes exploding on his face in super slow motion and in HD. That's when the idea was born.

The creative musician went to a bakery to purchase a cake with the song written on it. He then brought it to a show to see what would happen. To the audience's surprise, Aoki began to walk in front of the stage with the cake, and one of the people in the crowd started to point at his face. The entire crowd was staring and waiting to see what would happen next. At that moment, the legacy was born.

Aoki threw the cake at the person's face (check out the clip below)! When he saw the audience's reaction, he knew that he had to keep doing this at every show. To solidify the hype of this particular "caking" act, the numbers on YouTube spoke volumes. Today, getting caked by Steve Aoki will forever be at the top of a raver's bucket list.

In 2016, the 'Lie To Me' musician dropped a Netflix documentary called I'll Sleep When I'm Dead which gives fans a perspective into the driving force of his passion to strive for greatness. Recently, Aoki released a memoir christened Blue: The Color of Noise which is specifically written in his own words and outlined various aspects of his life. You can grab your own copy here.



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