SNAILS Releases Third and Final Installment of 'SLIME TIME' EP Series

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SNAILS Releases Third and Final Installment of 'SLIME TIME' EP Series

SNAILS is back with his third and final installment of his beloved SLIME TIME EP. We can't wait for you to hear his three brand-new tracks! In the past, SLIME TIME showcased the producer's iconic vomitstep signature creation. For those who are unfamiliar, the sub-genre is similar to dubstep, but has distinct bass gurgles of sorts and is heavily based on vibrating bases in a tempo of around 150 BMP. 

Over time, SNAILS original style progressed into a hybrid of diverse genres; blending heavy hip-hop drums with horns, while they were expertly added on top of weird snaily synthesizers that we've all grown to adore. Today, the highly-anticipated last chapter will touch on the Montreal native's original style, but it will also have a fresh new spin! Check out what the man himself had to say about his new project below...

SLIME TIME Pt. 3 is really important for me as it is the final part of the whole SLIME TIME trilogy. Those EPs were always about trying something new, and different; while at the same time, revisiting my original sound, and bringing my signature sound design in a new way. I feel this last EP is the most exciting of them all in terms of style and sounds. With a wide spectrum of BPMs and catchy club vocals, SLIME TIME Pt. 3 offers a new touch on the original SNAILS sound and leads the way towards the evolution of this sound in the future. -SNAILS

Frédérik Durand, professionally known as SNAILS, has proven to be a key player in the world of dubstep, thanks to his unparalleled distinct sound and dedication to his craft! Although his discography speaks for itself, we're thrilled for the world to hear his newest EP as it will undeniably get anyone's adrenaline pumping with his explosive and groove-inducing growls. We have no doubts it'll be a go-to for fellow dubstep producers this coming festival season as well. Give it a listen for yourself below - we believe this installment is his best work yet! Let us know what you think via our official social media channels.



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