Skrillex & DJ Snake's Instagram Live Inspires New Collaboration

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Skrillex & DJ Snake's Instagram Live Inspires New Collaboration

In our eyes, Skrillex has always been a God in the world of dance music. This week, we've seen our musical savior push through the dark times we are currently living in various ways. On Monday, the news broke that the American DJ completed the first of many albums. Most recently, our prayers were answered during an Instagram Live with DJ Snake. Trust us, you're going to want to check this one out! 

The talented artists treated fans to an unexpected chat via the feature on Instagram Stories where they discussed the current state of affairs as well as the potential to release a brand-new collaboration! The coronavirus pandemic has continuously effected our daily lives, and as a result, has impacted everyone's mood - often times, negatively. The DJ duo took the streaming opportunity to boost their followers spirits by giving them something to look forward to. They dished they would be teaming up as early as this week to get the ball rolling! As such, fans are rejoicing and praising the producers initiative!

"Oh yeah, for sure. You know we're gonna get it done," confirmed DJ Snake. "We're gonna get it done this week, trust me." He continued.

Based on the fact that Skrillex finished the first of many albums, it's safe to say that this new piece won't be making the cut. However, there is potential that it will be featured on one of the other numerous albums Skrillex has been so mysteriously hinting at during the past few months. During their chat, Sonny Moore, known professionally as Skrillex, touched on the topic - then said, "We also need something together - you feel me? A little Snake/Skrill?" The official details have yet to be confirmed, including the track's name and release date. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced producers to spend more time in the studio due to the lack of touring. Furthermore, now that the proposition to team up has been put out to the universe, there's no stopping DJ Snake and Skrillex from devoting their newfound time to creating a sheer masterpiece. Well, moreso than usual, that is! We can't wait to hear the finished product! What are your hopes for the new track? 


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