REZZ Announces A 30-Minute DJ Set Livestreaming Tonight

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REZZ Announces A 30-Minute DJ Set Livestreaming Tonight

It's official...there are now more DJ live streams than atoms in the universe! Okay; you caught us - we're joking, but this live stream is definitely one that you'll want to put on your radar! Recently, REZZ announced she'll be playing a 30-minute live stream starting at 8:00 p.m. EST tonight. Fans will have the option to tune into either Instagram or YouTube to witness the magic unfold.

The Canadian DJ has certainly been on a roll lately! In addition to teasing a potential collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH for his VOYD project, she also recently dropped the lineup for what is arguably one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, REZZ Rocks III. Check it out below...

Furthermore, the space mom herself celebrated her birthday a few days ago. Truthfully, she looks like she is simply beaming! Her dedicated followers know that her huge wave of success might not be the only cause for her undeniable bliss; she has now made things official with Lucii. They are absolutely the cutest! Just look at them...

With all of this positivity and triumphs in Isabelle Rezazadeh's life, better known by her stage name REZZ, we have no doubts that the short stream will be nothing short of spectacular! There's no question that we all want a time machine to bring us to a brighter future, but these special moments are little glimpses of hope we can all be thankful for. We must remember to appreciate these times. There's always a reason for everything. Stay strong, Flag fam!


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