REZZ Exudes Excitement Over Upcoming Dove Cameron Collab - Wait, What?

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REZZ Exudes Excitement Over Upcoming Dove Cameron Collab - Wait, What?

Over the years, REZZ has blessed us with an overflow of chart-topping collaborations. It seems as though our Space Mom can work alongside anyone and continuously deliver hit festival-ready bangers. This statement couldn't be more true today as she recently revealed a joint track with Dove Cameron is on its way!

This exciting announcement came to light when one attentive fan took a screenshot of the comment section during Cameron's Instagram livestream. REZZ wrote, "can't wait for our song to come out aaaaaaaaaa." It wasn't long before that same follower took to Twitter to share their discovery, which was quickly confirmed by Cameron as accurate. 

In a world of uncertainty, this is one surprise we will gladly welcome! It would appear that we weren't the only ones delighted by this unlikely revelation - EDM Twitter alongside Cameron's enormous fanbase also shared our initial sentiments! In fact, there were so many comments from shocked fans, that Cameron tweeted, "I actually think in a lot of ways it's a highly likely pairing."

Isabelle Rezazadeh, better known by her stage name REZZ, continued by expressing her sheer glee for the upcoming single, stating, "[...] the world['s] gonna shake." To say that we're ecstatic to listen to the track is an understatement. Not to mention, she recently confirmed her latest album is finished. There's no doubts in our minds the Canadian DJ is about to revive our souls this year! Are you ready?



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