[Event Review] Black Tiger Sex Machine Kicks off Futuristic Thriller Tour in Hometown

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[Event Review] Black Tiger Sex Machine Kicks off Futuristic Thriller Tour in Hometown

On Friday, December 20, 2019, Black Tiger Sex Machine kicked off their Futuristic Thriller Tour in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec. The MTELUS (formerly known as Métropolis) marked the first stop in the Canadian trios' impressive 12-week run of shows. We had the opportunity to attend the highly anticipated event. To find out what went down, check it out below!

It has been a long three months since we got our last BTSM fix. Back in September, the Kannibalen Records label heads unleashed a monstrous performance at Riverside Festival in Gatineau, Quebec. Since then, fans have been counting down to experience the group's highly anticipated Futuristic Thriller Tour. After months of hype and patiently waiting, the day had finally arrived!

With the promise of the group's "most massive production which culminates into the BTSM Movie Experience", we couldn't contain our excitement! We rushed over to the performing arts center to begin our adventure. When we pulled up to the MTELUS, we were mesmerized by the marquee. Black Tiger Sex Machine's name was displayed in bold letters and was surrounded by twinkling lights. The date, time and supporting artists' names were also indicated. That's when it started to feel real!  

Upon entry, we were warmly greeted by the venue's staff. The check-in process was quick and efficient, allowing us to maximize our time inside the centre. We decided to get right to it! We made our way to the pit and wiggled to the front of the crowd in order to witness the opening performances. LVWZ set the tone of the event. His dynamic energy complimented the killer tracks he was expertly dropping. When ILLENIUM's 'Crawl Outta Love' was played, the crowd absolutely lost it!

Now that the positive vibes were in full-swing, VAMPA took the stage. This was our first time seeing the 21-year-old producer perform. Her unique sound, incredible visuals and overall stage presence captivated the audience's full attention. Without any hesitation, we can confirm that her set was one of the best of the night! Her love for the underground and wobbling frequencies was present throughout her entire set. She had us feeling every wave of bass that filled the air. We're already looking forward to seeing this rising star perform again in the future. 

At this point, we didn't want VAMPA's set to come to an end. When Blanke stepped on stage, he certainly had some heavy competition to live up to. The Los Angeles based DJ immediately kicked off his set with a REZZ chart-climber and lived up to the hype surrounding his name. We were blown away by his musical abilities. The Futuristic Thriller Tour marks the first bus tour and largest run of shows for Blanke, ever. It was so much fun to see the talented musician in action and we look forward to seeing more from him moving forward.

When Blanke's set was finished, the atmosphere started to change. The lights dimmed and the music slowed down. You could feel the suspense building. The crowd started to cheer in anticipation for Black Tiger Sex Machine to take the stage. At that moment, everyone was gearing up to experience the BTSM world, which is set in a post-apocalyptic future. In the past, fans got a glimpse of what was in store for this tour/movie experience when the official trailer dropped after their set at Lost Lands. You can check it out below.

As we had predicted, the visual production began with a woman named Naomi, who is part of the BTSM Church. She is the character from the official Futuristic Thriller Tour trailer who is fighting off an infection in a post-apocalyptic world. BTSM's promise to integrate their post-apocalyptic future concept into their tour immediately came to life! We instantly became immersed in the BTMS world and were ecstatic to see what else they had in store...

Throughout their set, we were treated to new music, including 'Let's Get It', as well as some mind-blowing visuals! Without a doubt, attendees could tell that countless hours of work went into synchronizing their tracks to the visuals. One of our favourite moments was posted by BTSM following their show. The laser display that went down that night will be forever engraved in our hearts. Check it out below - it was simply EPIC! 

To make the night that much more special, Patrick Barry, Marc-André Chagnon and Julien Maranda had launched a contest for a chance to win a meet and greet with them. Prior to the event, lucky fans were notified that they had won. Following their memorable show, they lived up to their promise and spent some time with the grateful winners. We were able to catch up with the trio and were blown away by their down-to-earth nature. Truly, we always hear about how much artists love their fans, but BTSM is next level - they absolutely adore their followers!

The Futuristic Thriller Tour is simply fantastic! There's something for all to enjoy. That said, do not sleep on getting your tickets for one of their upcoming tour stops, including Winnipeg, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa, and many more! There's still plenty of time to be taken to CHURCH. A spiritual awakening is in your future - let the music lift your soul! 



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