REBEL Partygoer Claims Staff Harassed & Assaulted Him and His Girlfriend

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REBEL Partygoer Claims Staff Harassed & Assaulted Him and His Girlfriend


They say that there are two sides to every story. Although we truly stand by hearing the different point of views, we felt as though it was our duty to report a troubling post that has been, unsurprisingly, circulating online, due to the concerning nature of the subject. 

Dylan Fitzpatrick, a 24-year-old from Pickering, Ontario, has recently uploaded a statement via Facebook outlining shocking allegations of what occurred to him and his girlfriend, Amanda Ciotti, this past weekend inside of REBEL.

Fitzpatrick has claimed that he was harassed, bruised, yelled at, put into a chokehold, and finally carried out of the venue by a series of different members of the entertainment complex's security team. 

In addition, the partygoer has claimed that after he stepped away to use the restroom, towards the end of the end, he came back to a bouncer screaming in his girlfriend's face, after she had asked him to simply not nudge her so hard.

Check Out The Original Post Below:

The troubling details and photos within the post have sparked outrage online. Furthermore, past attendees have come forward to share their own negative experiences regarding the security guards at REBEL, some even stating that they were also grabbed by their clothing, causing the material to almost tear!

We hope that this article gains additional media attention as this behavior is truly unacceptable, whether the allegations are true or not. Keep sharing and perhaps people like Fitzpatrick & Ciotti will get the closure that they deserve.

Have you personally experienced a negative altercation with a member of REBEL's staff in the past? If so, drop us a comment via our official social media channels.



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