mau5trap's Gearing up to Drop 'we are friends vol. 009'

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mau5trap's Gearing up to Drop 'we are friends vol. 009'


In 2007, deadmau5 fans got the surprise of a lifetime! The Canadian producer took his musical ventures to the next level by launching his very own independent record label christened mau5trap. Since its inaugural year, the imprint has become a front-runner in the music industry. Talented artists such as REZZ, i_o, BlackGummy, among many more, have been signed to the label. In addition, the infamous compilation 'we are friends' was born. Recently, mau5trap has announced that a brand new edition will be released this month!

On Friday, December 13, 2019, ‘we are friends vol. 009’ will be available for purchase and streaming. The highly anticipated compilation includes a whopping twenty-three tracks. Fans can count on new music from Ghost Dance, Bentley Dean, ASHE, Monstergetdown, HVDES and that's just to name a few! Furthermore, fan favourites from past editions such as Egomorph and Florel Loret will be making a welcomed comeback! Moreover, a fresh single from deadmau5, 'A Seed', is also on the horizon.

'A Seed' will take listeners on a truly beautiful musical journey incorporating complex synths and a stunning piano arrangement. Without any doubts, the piece is the perfect track to kick-start the compilation and gives fans a glimpse into the direction that the label will take in the future. 

'we are friends vol. 009' - Official Tracklist:

01. deadmau5 – A Seed
02. ASHE – Human
03. Bentley Dean – 1348
04. C.H.A.Y. & Monstergetdown – Wanted
05. Corvad – I Am Control
06. Donny Carr – Luna Brave
07. Egomorph – Magmagat
08. FLIP-FLOP – Kuta
09. Floret Loret – Embers
10. Ghost Dance – Release the Pressure
11. HVDES – Let Me Go
12. IMANU & Buunshin – Overwerk
13. KEETZ – London1970
14. Kindrid – Subconscious
15. Low Poly – Afters
16. Maison Ware – Shibuya
17. Mr. Bill & bandoum – Lotus
18. One True God – Come To Me
19. Posij – Airwolf Six
20. Speaker Honey – Shoyu
21. SVNF8 – Facing Reality
22. Joy Downer – Plastic Wrap (Jay Robinson Remix)
23. Matt Lange – Space Between (Julian Gray Remix)


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