Martin Garrix's STMPD RCRDS Announces 24-Hour Livestreamed Festival

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Martin Garrix's STMPD RCRDS Announces 24-Hour Livestreamed Festival

It seems as though deadmau5 isn't the only one planning a soon-to-be legendary virtual event. Recently, Martin Garrix's acclaimed STMPD RCRDS announced they are organizing a 24-hour live stream in the form of a festival. Officially kicking off on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at 10 a.m. ET, fans from across the globe will be able to tune in via YouTube or Twitch to witness history unfold!

The initiative comes in light of the unprecedented times we are all currently living. Martin Garrix is undeniably one of the biggest ambassadors of spreading good vibes within the dance music community. Like many other equally talented artists, they are all doing their part to strengthen the bound within the scene and to bring forth bliss through music.

The "very special line-up" will be announced shortly. Rumour has it that Blinders, CMC$, Seth Hills, TV Noise, Silque, Justin Mylo and Florian Picasso are gearing up to showcase their skills. We absolutely can't wait to see who else will perform. We have a hunch that a festival of this caliber will not only include several memorable performances, but there will be plenty of surprises in store! We want to take this moment to thank everyone who is doing their part to keep everyone's spirits high. It's a tricky time, but it's nothing that can't be overcome by the power of music!



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