[Event Recap] Marshmello’s Set at Bluesfest Instantly Made Everyone 'Happier'

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[Event Recap] Marshmello’s Set at Bluesfest Instantly Made Everyone 'Happier'

Do you remember the first concert you ever attended? Think back to the butterflies you felt before stepping into the venue. Reminisce about the energy you observed when you first walked through the crowd. Now that you've locked in that sentiment, let us take you through our recent adventure at Bluesfest...
On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, we took our younger cousins to their very first music festival. Although we anticipated this experience to be special, we couldn't have imagined to what extent it would truly be extraordinary... We can't wait to share some of our favourite highlights with you all - so, let's jump right in!
For several months leading up to Ottawa's acclaimed Bluesfest, we began dreaming about the experience we wanted to share with our family members. Having spent nearly a decade of our life attending dance music events, we knew we had a responsibility to christen them into our beautiful community.
When we spotted Marshmello would be coming to town, there was no question that this would be the perfect show to initiate them into our beloved EDM scene. On that same note, Bluesfest is an all-age event which made it an ideal and safe setting to welcome them into. 
Once reunited, we began to introduce them to kandi and the PLUR ideology. We spoke to them about the importance of spreading Peace, Love, Unity and Respect in all aspects of their lives. We also shared that kandi is about trading memories - moments to be looked back upon for years to come. 
During our kandi session, we discussed the festival grounds to give them a general perspective about what they could expect. Thanks to the organizers efforts, we had a nearly identical representation of the site; ultimately, this allowed us to be more at ease of our future surroundings. 

After an informative and fun afternoon together, we began to get ready for our outing at Bluesfest. In other words, rave mode was unleashed! Our trio was decked out in kandi, glitter, and matching outfits - although one of us sported an iconic Marshmello sweater. We couldn't wait to begin our adventure!
After a short Uber ride to LeBreton Flats, we quickly took notice of the obvious smiling faces and dynamite atmosphere leading up to the festival's site. It was evident that months of planning went into the layout as traffic was moving efficiently, and many volunteers and first responders were present.
Upon arrival at the main entrance, there was an undeniable electricity flowing through the air. The expected rain ended up holding off and friendly partygoers weaved their way through the expertly placed barricades. Metal detectors and security guards welcomed us, resulting in a quick check-in process.
Following a straightforward swipe of our official passes, we were granted entry into the festival's grounds. Several well-identified tents surrounded us, including a wide variety of food and beverage vendors, information, and more. The site's map we reviewed earlier that day was accurate - we were very thankful!
Moments later, we spotted the RBC Stage. Although we were mainly there to see our favourite mysterious DJ, SAINt JHN's vocals were roaring in the distance. As fate would have it, the very first song we heard as we approached the crowd was 'Roses.' It instantly set the tone for the night's festivities!
The excitement continued as we made our way over to the Ferris wheel. The sun was beginning to set; lucky us, we made it to the top to catch its beauty and get a better glimpse of the festival's layout. This was one of the moments in life that was simply full of bliss. We were grateful to have lived it with our family.
After hopping off the amusement ride, we started to cross paths with a lot of dance music enthusiasts. It was at this moment in time where kandi trades began to occur - and, we couldn't have been more proud to see their first ones happen in real time! PLUR was in full-effect on that beautiful evening...
The positive vibrations were high as we explored the various areas of the festival. The unique elements such as glowing globes, large-scale games, lounge areas, and more, made for a memorable experience. Melo-T was dropping some groovy house music tracks at the Accora Village Spin Stage.
Although we had a great time dancing next to the water, we decided to tactically make our way over to the RBC Stage in order to get a good spot ahead of the highly-anticipated headlining performance of the night! We were so glad we did as thousands of other festival goers had the same mindset as we did.
We ended up finding a great spot next to the rail, and it was nearly center stage. Truthfully, we couldn't have asked for a better surrounding. It was immediately clear to us that everyone was there to have a great time. The energy was building in the audience, and we were loving every minute of it!
Right on time, Marshmello majestically appeared in front of our eyes. Within seconds, the skilled DJ reminded us why he is a force to be reckoned with! In addition to his captivating stage presence, he also unleashed some of the biggest EDM anthems of our time as well as his newest productions.
What really stood out to us was his appreciation of the late Juice Wrld. At one point, Marshmello even took the mic to confirm that he was his all-time favourite artist. The stunning graphics in memory of the known leading figure in the emo rap and SoundCloud rap genres hit us right in the feels...
Despite the sentimental moments skillfully positioned throughout his set, he kept the energy going by delivering remastered mixes of his biggest chart-topping tracks. We believe there were times where he played four songs at once - it was a blessing for our ears and truly impressive to witness!
Speaking of notable highlights, we have to give a huge shout out to the A/V team. We can only imagine how much time went into developing such an extensive audio visual experience like the one we spectated that night. In particular, the pyro was one of the hottest elements of the set!
From start to finish, Marshmello delivered an eye-catching performance, pleasing even the toughest of music critics. To hear most sing along to his own productions and jump up and down in delight was a beautiful sight to observe. To close his set, he asked everyone to share a hug with those in their surroundings. We have chilled thinking back to that special juncture...
Who knew a Marshmello could leave everyone feeling 'Happier' than they once were. We are eternally grateful to have lived this experience with our loved ones. There is no question that we will all remember this particular day at Bluesfest for the rest of our lives...
Photos courtesy of Kamara Morozuk and Matthew Perry


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