Live Nation Entertainment & evenko Planning to Pause All Tours

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Live Nation Entertainment & evenko Planning to Pause All Tours

Alright, Flag fam. As you know, we've been feeling pretty bummed due to the ongoing and numerous festival cancellations across the globe, just like many of you. However, this afternoon, reports surfaced that have completely shattered our spirits...
We are an EDM movement based in Montreal. It's no secret that we take pride in supporting locals and go to great lengths to assist parties in ensuring the event's success. We've been closely monitoring the recognized national concerns over the spread of the COVID-19. Devastatingly, one of our main concerns has come to life. 
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, evenko will be suspending all future events for a period of 30 days. The news follows a similar move made by Live Nation Entertainment who plans to pause all tours due to the outbreak.
In December of 2019, Live Nation Entertainment, the largest live entertainment company in the world, and evenko, one of the leading promoters and producers in Canada, announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement. The goal being to strengthen the existing business relationship between the two companies.

eventko - Official Press Release: 

Live Nation Entertainment's announcement affects all Live Nation tours, domestically and internationally. According to Billboard, "the company told employees it is recognizing large gatherings around the world are being canceled and the company will be postponing current touring arena shows through the end of the month. Some select shows will play out over the next few days, but the remainder of the concerts will be postponed." Furthermore, their employees have been instructed to work remotely. 
Ever since the strategic partnership formed, their army of dedicated followers have witnessed the companies grow entertainment opportunities in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Ultimately, resulting in a wave of consistent triumphs and an even stronger fanbase. Thus, more events have been put into place. As such, fans have been eagerly planning to attend various shows. Especially due to the numerous festival cancellations, these events are, unsurprisingly, even more sought-after!
The lengthy list of affected tours and shows include: Amelie Lens avec Farrago, Milo Spykers, Atroxx // Montréal, AC Slater – Hi 8 Tour at l'AstralÎleSoniq présente Lane 8, Ambassad - Montréal, Billie Eilish, Post Malone and many others!


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