DJ kärl k-otik Shares His Thoughts Leading up to Montreal's First Digital Nightclub

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DJ kärl k-otik Shares His Thoughts Leading up to Montreal's First Digital Nightclub

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Montreal will be making history by launching its first Digital Nightclub! Although there's been plenty of livestreamed dance music events, this aptly named Virtual Party is about to change the game! Recently, we caught up with one of the event's official DJs, kärl k-otik, to hear his thoughts leading up to tomorrow's virtual show. The Canadian artist is an open book! Check out what he shared with us...

According to the official Facebook event, with nearly 8K virtual party goers confirmed to attend, "Participants will get a link to access the virtual party with their camera." The historic event will allow us to see and interact with each other, something many of us are missing during these challenging times. This initiative is one that many support as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away one of the biggest things we take for granted: being able to be close to each other! There will even be opportunities to win some exciting giveaways!

The Digital Nightclub will feature a variety of genres including melodic techno, progressive house and mainstream (commercial). Participants can count on special performances, not only by kärl k-otik, but also by Guillaume Michaud, DJ CRK and DJ Jay Ramis. DJ kärl k-otik confirmed he'll "try to take a few live requests", however, "they have to be on my USB stick" in order to make the viewer's wishes come true. He continued by dishing that more virtual events are in the works and he can't wait to share the details with his fans!

The Facebook event suggests to "Wear your best party outfit, recreate a nightclub at home: flashlights, fluo lights, festival costumes, just be crazy!" We couldn't help but ask Kärl K-otik whether he had a special ensemble planned for the show! He shared, "I’m still indecisive…I was originally thinking about wearing an apocalypse costume with a gas mask (or something like that). I may also dress in army/SWAT gear in case police show up at my place for making too much noise! The only sure thing is that I will wear my usual “kärl k-otik” cap!" 

Now that we have a general idea about what he'll be sporting, we had to inquire about the setup! DJ kärl k-otik has been working hard to deliver an exceptional viewing experience for all, including allowing users to stream both the sound (256kbps) and video (720p) in HD, and setting up his DJM900 Nexus4x CDJ 2000 Nexus and RMX-1000 DJ mixers to allow him to play freely (nothing will be pre-recorded)! He stated, "I’ve always thought that if you want to be perceived as a pro, you have to make decisions like a pro." That said, he has multiple backup plans in place should something go wrong. He said, "I always hope for the best, but I also plan for the worst. If things were to go wrong, I would simply broadcast live from the Facebook event page. Plan C would be to broadcast from my iPhone. Plan D would be to play what I have on my USB stick."

Throughout our discussion, it was clear that DJ kärl k-otik is not only well-prepared, but also very excited for tomorrow's Virtual Party. Having multiple backup plans has seemingly given him a sense of ease. Furthermore, his years of experience performing as a DJ and working in project management for IT professionals, has qualified him even further. He shared, "In the last five years, I’ve been delivering a lot of live virtual trainings. These professional experiences may help me more than my past DJ [involvements]!" He continued by elaborating,

"Every new experience is always an amazing opportunity to learn and grow! Also, it’s a great way to perform in front of new fans outside of the usual circles!"

We absolutely can't wait to see Montreal's first Digital Nightclub come to life! We want to take a moment to thank all of the individuals who have worked tirelessly to make this Virtual Party a soon-to-be memorable experience for all. Furthermore, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to DJ kärl k-otik for taking the time to chat with us, and for everything he does within the dance music community! Have a great weekend, Flag fam! Who's joining us for this historic moment?

 Feature image courtesy of Jean-Charles Myrant taken at Beachclub


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