JAUZ Confirms 3 EPs Are Almost Done & Has Even More Music in the Works

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JAUZ Confirms 3 EPs Are Almost Done & Has Even More Music in the Works

There are plenty of artists making the most of their time in quarantine. Whether it be by spending some time in the studio, or performing sets on live streams, their creativity is certainly not halted. Among the lengthy list is JAUZ. Over the past few weeks, we've seen the hardworking producer keeping busy with his Bite This! Radio podcasts and entertaining his fans on live streams on his official Twitch channel as well as on Insomniac's Virtual Rave-A-Thon.

It seems as though the American DJ has been up to more than what meets the eye...he recently revealed that he's been working on a ton of new music! During his recent live streams, we've seen the multi-talented producer dabble in various genres. That said, fans will be delighted to know the wave of new music includes a "full house/Off The Deep End EP, a full drum n bass EP and a full melodic/future EP."

To add to the exciting announcement, he continued by dishing there are plenty of other songs also in the works; however, he isn't quite sure where to release them, just yet. "Idk what the hell I’m doing right now," he wrote in the tweet below, “but I’m just trying to write as much music as I can."

We're beyond ecstatic to see that JAUZ is stepping away from the norm to deliver a wave of new music in a wide-range of genres. Sticking to one genre in particular can work for some, but JAUZ has always pushed the limits, and we can't wait to see what else he has in store for the future.



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