[Exclusive Interview] Eskuche Discusses Relief Records Tour, Future Plans & More

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[Exclusive Interview] Eskuche Discusses Relief Records Tour, Future Plans & More

Relief Records Tour

You know the world is starting to get back to "normal" when our socials are flooded with tour and festival announcements. It's hard to describe to what extent seeing these flyers popping up means to us. However, if we had to try to sum it up in one word, it would be ecstatic!

Amongst the influx of show revelations, Green Velvet's Relief Records is about to embark on an 11-stop US tour in February. Kicking off tonight in Los Angeles, CA, Mihalis Safras and Eskuche will be bringing their cutting-edge blend of techno and house to Catch One. And yes - the duo will play every date on the tour!

Both artists are no stranger to touring the globe and taking the stage. The pair has played many major US cities as part of Green Velvet's La La Land tour and are actively supporting each other thanks to the opportunities their talent and the imprint have brought forth.  

Mihalis Safras is known for his incredible work ethic. Due to this fact, he's one of the most charted tech house artists of all time on Resident Advisor and Beatport. He even has his own record label called Material. Not to mention, the Greek DJ has collaborated with Green Velvet on many records, not including a series of singles that will be released in 2022!

Eskuche is best known for his consistently exciting house productions, including his hit track 'Concentrate.' It's no surprise that his innovative releases have gained support by some of the biggest artists in the game. Our Montreal Flag fam might have caught his performance at elrow during Bal en Blanc in 2019. We can't wait until he comes back!

Recently, we managed to catch up with Eskuche for an exclusive interview. You can check it out below! We appreciated him taking the time to speak to us as we can only imagine how busy his schedule must be ahead of the tour's debut. We'd also like to extend a special shout out to his team for their assistance. We're counting down the days until we can all meet in person! 

Lastly, we want to wish all participants a great time at the upcoming shows! Relief Records is one of the most longstanding and respected dance music labels in the world. That said, we have no doubts this tour will be anything short of legendary. For those lucky enough to attend, have a blast and enjoy the incredible music!

1. The Relief Records tour will take place during the month of love. Can you tell us some of the ways you've poured it into the overall production and anticipated sets of your upcoming shows?

Hey, guys! It’s funny; I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day. It's probably because my birthday is the same day. I've always struggled to merge these two events, haha. So, I don’t think my sets will be dedicated to love, but they will definitely be sexy and groovy!

2. Having toured with Green Velvet on many of his stops for the La La Land Tour, what are some of the lessons you've learned during those travels and while working with him that you'll implement during this new undertaking?

The main thing I learned from playing two or more shows during one weekend is not to drink a lot of champagne, especially at the first party of the weekend, haha! Now, I don't drink at all; so, I won't have this happen. Anyway, playing La La Land with Green Velvet is always a lot of fun! We would all joke around and drink lots of champagne.

3. Speaking of teaming up, you & Mihalis Safras just released a groovy new single called 'Feeling Good' on Green Velvet's Relief Records. What inspired you both during the creation process & what is your ultimate hope for the future of this catchy single?

Last year, living through the pandemic, it wasn’t easy for our industry. So, we wanted to make a groovy track with a positive message. That's when we realized the 'Feeling Good' vocal perfectly fit the vibe we wanted!

4. On the topic of goals, we're curious - what do you believe are in the cards for Eskuche during the next few years?

That’s a good question. My main goal is that I want my music to expand to a broader audience. That way, I would be able to connect with fans in new places around the globe. Also, I want to do my first full album which will be a mix of my sound with more vocal productions. An even bigger goal of mine would be to start my own record label!

5. Is there anything else you'd like to share with The Flag Gang?

I want to say a big thank you to you guys for featuring me on this interview. I hope to see [The Flag Gang] during our US tour. Let’s get it!



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