ILLENIUM Became the First Artist to Perform At the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

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ILLENIUM Became the First Artist to Perform At the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

This past weekend, history was made at the newly constructed Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nicholas D. Miller, known professionally as ILLENIUM, was chosen to be the first-ever artist to perform at the stadium, marking the biggest performance of his career thus far!

Many of you already caught some of the show's epic moments circulating online or via the official livestream. If you did, or you've heard the buzz, the nearly sold out show, AKA almost reaching the 40,000 attendees cap, was truly like no other ILLENIUM event to date.

As the pandemic restrictions continue to ease around the globe, the sheer magnitude of an event of this nature was worth celebrating. To make matters even more special, the American DJ showcased his acclaimed bodies of work and teased his forthcoming album, Fallen Embers.

The lucky participants cheered and sang along to IILENIUM's three LPs, Ashes, Awake, and Ascend. Although this would have been enough to satisfy most Illenials (his die-hard fanbase), the skilled musician went one step further by dropping a 20-minute preview of his upcoming album. Based on the footage, July 16th's release date can't come soon enough!

There's no denying July 3, 2021, brought some memorable occurrences. To our delight, they have all been captured with a whopping sixteen 4K HD cameras, allowing all angles to be seen during the performance. The artist himself teased this technology for weeks prior to the event.

The full Trilogy Livestream is now available on YouTube - see below. In addition, you can also watch all three of his sets on the platform. Shout out to ILLENIUM's YouTube fan-page account, illeniumINTEL for sharing these clips as a modern day time capsule for us to look back on for years to come. 


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