Montreal's ÎleSoniq Responds to Sound Quality Complaints & Their Answer May Shock You

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Montreal's ÎleSoniq Responds to Sound Quality Complaints & Their Answer May Shock You

Montreal's beloved ÎleSoniq will be making its triumphant return to the Parc Jean-Drapeau on Friday, August 7, 2020, to Saturday, August 8, 2020. The highly anticipated music festival is gearing up for its biggest edition to date. Despite the organizers unveiling only a few of the billed artists names, such as deadmau5' techno alias TestpilotGanja White Night and Lil Baby, fans have no doubts that one seriously stacked lineup will follow shortly!

As always, expectations are high, especially when it comes to a festival of this caliber. As such, the fest's supporters have flocked to get to the bottom of some of the event's ongoing issues. At the top of the list of many people's concerns is the sound quality, specifically at the main stage. For the past few years, particularly in 2019, ÎleSoniq has been hit with various and difficult weather conditions which has directly impacted the quality of the sound. Today, the organizers have responded to one fan's concern. Check out what they shared below!

When a dedicated follower brought up the valid point that it didn't matter to him how good the lineup was if the sound quality was still subpar, ÎleSoniq finally responded to the concern. They reconfirmed that the weather was the main factor that impacted the sound quality which resulted in them having to take down some of the speakers to prioritized everyone's safety. They continued by confirming that their promise to their fans is to organize world-class events not only with impeccable visuals, but also when it comes to the overall sound.

They proceed by reassuring the fan that the sound quality is of the utmost importance to them and they are relentlessly working with some of the most skilled professionals in the industry to give their fans the best possible sound experience possible. They also dished that new equipment will be added to all of the stages in hopes of improving this ongoing issue. Rest assured, Flag fam, ÎleSoniq is doing everything in their power to live up to their promise of delivering the best possible experience for all!

Official ticket sales will begin this Thursday, February 20, 2020. Be sure to pre-register here for all of the latest news, announcements, special events and offers! 

 Relive the magic below - 2019 Official Aftermovie: 


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