Headhunterz Announces "a Break to Reconnect and Rest" Following Years of Touring

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Headhunterz Announces "a Break to Reconnect and Rest" Following Years of Touring

The holiday season is officially in full-swing! Although most of us are enjoying the magic that December is known to bring, most artists are busy traveling across the globe due to their hectic touring schedules. Willem Rebergen, better known by his stage name Headhunterz, is no exception. Recently, the Dutch DJ's management released an official statement confirming Headhunterz has cancelled all international performances this month to "reconnect and rest". 

Check out Headhunterz' Management Official Statement Below:

"Having spent years touring, fighting jet lags and always moving from one destination to the next, it has come to a point where Willem needs to take some time off.
All shows in December have been cancelled with the exception of two shows in The Netherlands, being Music Dome - Roermond (December 14) and Orange Heart - Paradiso (December 17).

The coming weeks will be spent to rest, recharge and focus on his health. By limiting the stress that is an inevitable part of his professional life, we trust that he gets the space he needs to recover and can once again devote himself to his passion: making music and performing.

On behalf of Willem, a huge thanks for all the support he is receiving from all over the world."

Some fans have quickly flocked to express their surprise following today's announcement. However, other dedicated followers caught wind of the potential big unveiling due to Headhunterz' statement uploaded to his social media channels last week. As a result, a wave of mixed responses have begun to roll in. That said, truly, who can blame him? It's the time of the year where everyone should be spending time with their loved ones and relaxing as much as they possibly can! 


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