Getter Surprises Fans With Brand New Dubstep Track 'Represent'

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Getter Surprises Fans With Brand New Dubstep Track 'Represent'

Getter is no stranger to backlash when it comes to switching up his sound. After releasing his debut Visceral LP, fans were quick to judge the American DJ for branching out from his well-known heavy dubstep style. As a result, he cancelled his supporting tour, leaving fans wondering what was next for the 'On My Way Out' artist.

Recently, Getter surprised his army of followers by releasing his first track of 2020, 'Represent.' In the past, he expressed his desire to make "all kinds of music and mix it up", when speaking with Dancing Astronaut. However, today's release is the polar opposite of this statement as he has seemingly gone back to his roots.

'Represent' is one of those easy-listening tracks. Although the bassline is gritty, the overall composition is laid-back, yet still plenty filthy. In true Getter fashion, he's expertly mixed in the siren sounds in the background, resulting in a perfectly blended high-low vibe throughout the single. The Shred Collective label boss has, once again, left fans guessing what his next move will be. Although his future sound is still unclear, one thing is for sure - this track slaps! Give it a listen below...



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