Gareth Emery Opens up About New Album 'The Lasers' Dropping This Summer

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Gareth Emery Opens up About New Album 'The Lasers' Dropping This Summer

We're currently living through a time where the world feels almost like its come to a complete standstill and the inhabitants are dearly latching onto any positivity they can get. Recently, Gareth Emery shared in the current circumstances by revealing his personal sentiments - in a true producer fashion, nonetheless. It's often difficult for DJs to express themselves through words. That said, they turn to music to share their inner emotions. For the British DJ, he recently unveiled that due to "the world [feeling] proper f*cked" he's turned to music to look on the bright side! He's taken this opportunity to pour himself into the creation of his new album, The Lasers. The trance legend confirms, "Almost every song on this album was forged by tough times. I'd never written lyrics about my own life before, every song is about a time in my life." Based on his statement, we can gather that Emery branched out from the norm to express himself - not only through the use of melodies, but also through lyrics. This project is an undeniably personal undertaking that fans are eagerly looking forward to hearing. The forthcoming album is set to drop on July 10, 2020. In the meantime, we encourage our Flag fam to trust in the words Emery has shared with us, "We'll Be OK." 



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