[Must-Listen] Laidback Luke & Eva Simons - Flexin' (GESES Remix)

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[Must-Listen] Laidback Luke & Eva Simons - Flexin' (GESES Remix)

There's nothing that delights us more than when the universe aligns. When one knows which direction they want to go and which choices they anticipate taking to achieve their goals, it will lead them down the right path. This intriguing phenomenon seems to have presented itself to GESES.

The rising superstar continuous dedication to his craft has resulted in the ultimate alignment with the universe! The Canadian producer has strived to live in the moment, focus on his passions, practice gratitude, and has followed signs that have lead him to where he is meant to be.

Known for his groovy classic house sets and undeniable stage presence, GESES has unquestionably caught the attention of many supporters, including the legendary Laidback Luke. As fate would have it, the two musicians' paths collided, and a masterpiece was born...

Today, one of Mixmash Records's most highly-anticipated remixes has been released. Streaming on all major platforms, GESES' remix of Laidback Luke and Eva Simons' chart-topping single 'Flexin'' is now available. We caught up with the skilled DJ to dive a little deeper into how the track came to be.

Check out what he shared with us below...

"The song came about while my management was at the Mixmash Miami Pool Party. Laidback Luke discussed remix options with my manager. We all thought it was a great fit for a high-energy GESES re-do. The lyrics can be interpreted in many ways. [The way I see it is that] it reflects the ridiculous "flex" culture in the nightlife scene.

[Following this interaction,] Laidback Luke invited me to play the record with him at The Summer Club in NYC while I was on tour in that area. Luke is a genuine, funny, and humble act. I can now count this legend as a friend." -GESES

In addition to this exclusive perspective, he expressed how much it meant to him to have Laidback Luke as his mentor due to his connection to the rise of artists like Avicii and Afrojack. Once this opportunity presented itself, he shared how motivating it was to not only build this relationship, but also create a track that would live up to these names.

In a nutshell, the cosmos is truly fascinating. To think every decision lead to this specific moment in time is simply miraculous! We're so thrilled that two of our favourite artists have joined forces, and a new version of 'Flexin'' has been created. Be sure to give it a listen below, Flag fam.

Spoiler: it will kick off your weekend on the right foot! 




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