Fan Chips Teeth on Rail During Blanke Show & Gets Free Entry for Life!

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Fan Chips Teeth on Rail During Blanke Show & Gets Free Entry for Life!

Bass-lovers are known for going hard at events; headbanging and moshing are what they live for! On Thursday, February 6, 2020, a fan took things to a whole other level during Black Tiger Sex Machine's tour. The Rialto Theatre in Tucson, Arizona, welcomed the Canadian trio as well as Blanke and VAMPA who supported the show. When Blanke took the stage, the crowd went wild, but one fan in particular will remember the artist's set for the rest of his life... 

We had the opportunity to attend the first stop during BTSM's Futuristic Thriller Tour in Montreal, Quebec. Trust us when we say, things get crazy! You can check out our event review here. That said, it comes as no surprise to us that one of Blanke's fans was headbanging so hard at the rail that he ended up chipping his teeth! Yeah, seriously...

Blanke caught wind of the incident and took a moment to meet with his die-hard fan named Nick. When the two got together, it was undeniable that Nick was a dedicated follower as he sported Blanke's merch and rocked his new smile. As a result, Blanke has offered his fan free entry to all of his shows for the rest of his life. Check out the photo of the new pals below. What's your greatest story when it comes to meeting an artist? Let us know via our official social media channels.


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