[Exclusive Interview] Paul van Dyk Shares Excitement Post Pandemic & More!

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[Exclusive Interview] Paul van Dyk Shares Excitement Post Pandemic & More!

It's not every day that we have the opportunity to chat with one of the greatest legends amongst the dance music community. Recently, this moment arose when we had the chance to speak with the incredibly talented Paul van Dyk ahead of his upcoming show at Newspeak in Montreal on May 6, 2022. (Be sure to grab your tickets here).

To say it was an honour that he took some time out of his hectic touring and producing schedule for an exclusive interview with us is an understatement. We were truly delighted to get to know the German DJ on a more intimate basis, especially when he expressed his indisputable passion for music and excitement ahead of his tour, his keys to success, and more!

We look forward to seeing how his musical ventures will progress, specifically now that the pandemic has seemingly shifted into a thing of the past. During our discussion, he expressed how he's looking forward to reconnecting with his fans, and creating new memories together. This hit home as we also share the same sentiment as him. Without further ado, check out our interview below...

Ever since you broke out on the scene in the 90s, your undeniable passion for the trance music genre and your love for the scene have been made evident. 

1) What have been some of the most consistent elements in our community that you believe have and will withhold the test of time?

I believe the audience's passion for the music and the endless amount of musical talent in our scene are what will live on for years to come.

Throughout the years, you've surely encountered many challenges, whether it be navigating a pandemic or travelling the globe as a touring musician.  

2) Can you share some of your go-to relaxation/organization mantras with us when it comes to these often difficult situations, and why you believe they're key to your overall success?

I am a pragmatist at heart. For example, I delete the stress of packing by preparing everything I would need in doubles. Thus, if I have two upcoming shows, I would be prepared to play four, and I'll also always have the appropriate travel documents with me. As for relaxation, I enjoy reading.

Speaking of accomplishments, your resume is truly jaw-dropping, from being the first artist to receive a Grammy Award nomination for the 'Best Dance/Electronic Album', to your consistent tour schedule; not to mention, finalizing projects you've had on the back burner like Escape Reality

3) We're curious - from a professional (& perhaps personal) point of view, what do you have left on your bucket list, & what makes these undertakings so sought-after for you?

I don't have any specific things remaining on my must-do list; however, music is always something that has guided me towards where I'm meant to be. In other words, it's my consistent passion. I aspire to be able to interact with my audience through my music up until I retire at some point in time.

The worldwide pandemic is slowly coming to an end. We're thrilled to see all of your bookings rolling in! Amongst the long list of stops, is there one, in particular, you're most looking forward to, and why?

Seeing as how I'm from Berlin, I look forward to the show in my hometown in June. There's something about playing in the place where it all began that is just so special to me.

[To stay up-to-date on all of Paul van Dyk's tour dates, news, and more, click this link.]

You once said, "interacting with music is my language", meaning it's how you express yourself.

5) Is there one of your tracks in particular that you believe would best mirror yourself if you played it for someone who didn't know you?

Truthfully, I've made so much music during the course of my career; so, it's hard to pick a single track. All of my music is important to me!

6) Is there anything else you'd like to share with The Flag Gang?

I am very excited to share my music with my fans, and create new memories together, especially after the rather grey times we all experienced during the last two years. The sunshine is slowly coming back, and I look forward to seeing you at one of my upcoming shows!


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