[Exclusive Interview] HAMRO Talks Musical Upbringing, European Booking & More

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[Exclusive Interview] HAMRO Talks Musical Upbringing, European Booking & More

Here, at The Flag Gang, we constantly have our sights on up-and-coming artists. Specifically, our watch list includes Canadian talent, especially locals in Montreal and Ottawa (our home bases). 

For some time now, Tarik Hamrouni, better known by his stage name HAMRO, has caught our attention due to his contagious kindness and energy, his undeniable talent, and his willingness to support his fellow peers.

It's been made evident that others have also noticed these admirable traits as the local DJ has continuously booked noteworthy gigs, has signed with an acclaimed imprint, and party goer's faces light up when they see him!

Speaking of massive bookings, HAMRO is making his first headlining European debut tonight at the Analog Music Hall in Budapest, Hungary! The event is hosted by Frat Budapest, and will also feature other talented artists. 

Based solely off the show's description, it's clear the organizers are beyond thrilled to welcome the local legend to their city. The announcement follows numerous fan suggestions to bring him to Europe, marking Frat Budapest's first overseas headliner!

Although we wish to be there to show our support in person, we took a moment to connect with the DJ for an exclusive interview before his travels. Therefore, we hope our article reminds him we have his back, and an army of people are rooting for him!

Be sure to check out our article below to get a more in-depth glimpse into his musical upbringing, his current projects, and his sheer perseverance to support other artists. Lastly, don't miss him this summer at Escapade for a special b3b (yes, you read that right)!

1) We and your dedicated followers know you as a rising star in the world of riddim. For those who are unfamiliar with your craft, can you walk us through your musical upbringing, and why you hold the genre so close to your heart?

I discovered dubstep and the more underground side of dubstep, like riddim, when I was 15-16 years old. I found a video of Shiverz chopping on YouTube. I was intrigued by what I was hearing and seeing. Then, I dove deeper into discovering artists like INFEKT, BlankFace, and Aweminus. I even started watching vlogs and other videos by GramGreene; [not to mention, the many] Facebook clips by SHOTYA. Ever since [this epiphany], I have been in love with the simple bouncy stuff that a lot of dubstep/riddim producers make. I also am in love with the heavier tear out type artists like Marauda & DVEIGHT. 

2) Your musical career is very admirable. In addition to headlining huge events such as Escapade and Ørigins Music Festival, you've recently landed your first-ever European show! Huge congrats! What are some of the things you're most excited about during these travels?

I'm so excited to see what the crowd is like out there. I've only heard good things, and I cannot wait to show them how us Canadians get down! 

3) On the topic of exciting projects, we've heard you might have some news to share...?

[On February 26, 2022], I joined Savage Society [Records]! It's a group/label from LA that play a huge part in making riddim/dubstep into what it is today. I first heard about them when I was 17 - around the time they released 'Shut Em' Down' by SVDDEN DEATH and YAKZ. After hearing that tune, it made me dive into their discography which lead to finding some of my favourite tunes ever! The group is great, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. 

4) We have to say, you're quite the entertainer! It resonates in all aspects of your art. How do you tap into that energy, and who/what inspires you? 

Honestly, I just truly love music. So, when I hear a song I like, I can't help myself but get energized!
I get a lot of inspiration from my friends. At Ørigins, a group of us all wore big hats. The attendees kept asking what the deal was...like, why we were wearing cowboy hats and such....[Thus,] "Chapeau Vacances" [was born].
Also, I was once a local going to shows; so, I wanna support the people who were in my position a few years ago, and try to push them to be their best! People always talk about Montreal, but I also want Ottawa to be mentioned...


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