[Exclusive Interview] Giuseppe Ottaviani Shares Details on Live 3.0 Concept & More!

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[Exclusive Interview] Giuseppe Ottaviani Shares Details on Live 3.0 Concept & More!

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, we had the opportunity to cover the 6th edition of Montreal's acclaimed Trance Unity Rave. Throughout the course of the event we were consistently left speechless by the long list of special elements that the event is known to deliver. Among the numerous memorable moments that took place that night, we had the opportunity to sit down with the incredibly skilled Giuseppe Ottaviani for an exclusive interview. 

The Italian producer is known for his prodigious influences in the trance music genre, pushing the boundaries of what a typical DJ performance consist of, his club-ready hit singles, and his incomparable energy when he takes the decks. Trust us when we say, he not only lived up to his name, but blew our expectations out of the water! 

As soon as Giuseppe entered the room, you could feel his presence. His sheer confidence and undeniable passion shined through from the moment we spotted him. His outgoing personality led him to chat with his equally talented colleagues, including John 00 Fleming and 4 Strings, as well as thank the staff for their efforts in pulling the event together. Our first interaction with the 'Synergy' artist instantly left us feeling comfortable and eager to discover more about who the man behind the legacy truly was.

Our excitement and curiosity overcame us. We immediately started to pick his brain. Throughout the interview, Giuseppe revealed some of his proudest moments when it came to his "Live 2.0" setup, some of the key differences between the second and newest "Live 3.0" approach, his upcoming tour schedule, how music continues to play such a big role in his family's daily lives, among much more!

It's not often that we're in the presence of greatness. To say that we are appreciative would be putting it lightly. We want to take a moment to thank Giuseppe and his team as well as the organizers behind Trance Unity for their efforts in making this exclusive interview come to life. We are ecstatic to share what was discussed that night with you all. Without further ado, check it out below! Meanwhile, we'll be reliving the magic that took place that night for years to come...

1) Your "Live 2.0" setup is an undeniable hit due to its distinct DJ and live sections & has allowed you to create a raw production on-the-fly. What have been some of your most rewarding moments since its launch? 

I loved doing the Live 2.0 as it allowed me to create a lot of music. I even made an album out of it called 'Evolver'. It was a great experience! Everything that I do, I take pride in not repeating myself. That's why I left the 2.0 behind to create the Live 3.0 project.

2) Recently, you launched the "Live 3.0" concept. What are some of the key differences between the second and newest approach? 

The Live 3.0 is like a company car - that I would call a restyling. It's not a totally new concept, but it's been reworked. Better looking, more features...same engine, haha. The Live 2.0 was centered on inventing and improvising new music on the spot, but it was taking my focus away from the crowd. I couldn't really read the audience's reactions. I was too busy - it was a little bit too much.

Now, with the Live 3.0, I have separated the DJ and live sections. With the DJ set, I can express myself in a better way by reading the crowd and I can play what I want. Fans can expect a more dynamic set. Specifically, the live 3.0 will focus more on my overall performance. 

I will not be making tracks on-the-fly with this concept. I will be playing songs that I have pre-made in the studio. This will allow me to focus on delivering a more unpredictable set. With the Live 2.0, it was starting to get slightly repetitive. I want to give my fans a variety of different sets that will leave them feeling excited by the unpredictability. One album is enough. I want to give them something different.

3) Do you have a favourite track from your album 'Evolver'?

I think it would have to be 'Tranceland'. I premiered my Live 2.0 at the ASOT studio a few years back. It was the first time that I closely showed people, with cameras all around, how it works. The night before the debut, I was in my hotel room, and I came up with the 'Tranceland' melody. I started to put all the pieces together, and said, "let's do this!" The next day, I performed it and the reactions reassured me that I did a good job. It was a great feeling and moment!

4) Speaking of what's to come, you're gearing up to perform this new concept at EDC Las Vegas. Besides performing under the Electric Sky, where else can your fans expect to catch your "Live 3.0" concept? 

Luckily, I haven't been affected by the coronovirus. A lot of DJs have been forced to cancel their upcoming shows. Italy [where Giuseppe was born] is a little bit mad right now. I hope that it won't continue to affect many gigs and/or festivals, like Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland Winter, etc. I'm scheduled to perform at Tomorrowland in Belgium, Dreamstate, and other big festivals, so I really hope by the time they come, everything will have calmed down. 

You'll be able to catch the Live 3.0 at a bunch of different locations. It's a show that I prepare upfront - so, I'm not improvising everything. What I will be improvising is the way that I perform the tracks. It's typically 1 hour, one shot. The preparation is done in the studio when I'm putting together the technical aspects - like choosing the tracks and checking the stems. When I have a [game plan], there are less things that can go wrong. Of course, technology is beautiful if it works, but having a plan B, C, and even D - which is a pre-recorded set on my phone, haha, helps a lot. I've learned to be ready for everything. After long flights, I won't let technology stand in the way of my performance. I won't leave the stage without finishing my set. You gotta kill me, haha!

We're thankful that touring has led you to Trance Unity. In the past, you've expressed how the appeal of trance is centered around the versatility of where it can be played as well as its wide ranging audience.

5) Why do you believe events like Trance Unity are critical for the longevity of the genre's roots?   

Well, because this is a proper rave! At Trance Unity, you're not allowed to take pictures or videos; you're there to, simply, enjoy the music. Whatever happens at the event, you have to be present to experience it - that's what I love! Sure, live streaming or recorded sets uploaded online are cool and allows the artist to get the word out, but if you really want to live a proper rave, like back in the day, this is the place! Entering a dark venue and coming out when the sun is up - that's what gives it the authentic feel. This is what I'm missing from most of the parties that I'm playing. Trance Unity is very, very, special to me.

Your children seem to be very passionate about music, just like their dad. In one of your posts, we saw their support for deadmau5.


6) Did you play a part in steering them towards deadmau5' music, or do your children share your passion of exploring all kinds of different genres?

Look, I'm a big fan of the 'mau5! If I listen to music in my house, it's going to be LOUD. So, everybody has to listen to my music, haha. [As a result], my kids listen to his music. The fun fact is that I built those helmets! It was carnival season, so I promised them a cool mask - a special one. My kids said, "what about Mickey Mouse?" I told them that I have a better one. Close enough, but better. That's when they realized the connection between the music and the mask. We had a great time! They loved it.

7) Is there anything else that you'd like to share with The Flag Gang?  

Thanks so much for reading, guys, and for all your support!  



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