[Exclusive Interview] Dave Summit Dishes on New Music & More!

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[Exclusive Interview] Dave Summit Dishes on New Music & More!

They say, "good things take time" - and we couldn't agree more when it comes to publishing our interview with Dave Summit! We've been sitting on his charming answers since we linked up with him at Festival Riverside a few weeks ago. We discussed everything from his upcoming releases to his personal inspirations. We believe now is the perfect time to unveil them as we anticipate they will spark your excitement ahead of the new year... 

With under a 90 days left of 2022, Dave Summit reminded us that there's still plenty of time to check things off of this year's list, but also to enjoy the ride while we're at it! The Canadian producer unquestionably radiates positivity and his passion for music is evident. We can't wait to share some of his projects with you all, and we hope you will join us in congratulating the rising talent on his ongoing triumphs!

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from our one-on-one interview was the fact that there's no harm in breaking out of our comfort zone to pursue new undertakings. Although it can be a reassuring place to be, the reality is that nothing will really develop once we're secured in that space. We must push our personal limits to discover what else the future holds as it will lead to even more rewarding moments.

All things considered, we hope our Flag fam takes a moment to reflect on their own distinctive accomplishments from this past year, and to also take a page from Summit's book to believe that even greater things lie ahead. Unquestionably, the future is bright! Without further ado, check out our exclusive interview below with someone who's been shining for as long as we can remember... 

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to sit down with The Flag Gang!

Thank you for having me! It's a pleasure [to speak with you today].

This is actually a full circle moment for me as the first live performance of yours that I caught was at Festival Riverside last year. So, thank you for doing me the honour of interviewing you at one of mine and The Flag Gang's favourite events! I honestly couldn't think of a better way to close out festival season than this moment we're sharing right now...

I really appreciate that. I'm very grateful too!

Speaking of special moments, you've certainly had your dose over the summer! You've played massive shows & festivals like the Festival d'été de Québec, iO Experience, Unity Electro Fest, & Piknic Électronik with the House Call Records crew!

1) What have been some of the highlights from some of these performances & overall experiences for you, & how will they impact your musical journey moving forward? 

A big highlight for me was Unity [Electro Fest] because it was held in my hometown. I also had some extra support during that festival as some of my friends and even my family were there to cheer me on. [As you can imagine,] moments like that are very special to me. [In addition,] these [large-scale] events are a great opportunity to test out my newest productions and other things I've been working on such as edits, remixes, and more. Getting the crowd's reaction gives me a good perspective about what I can improve on, and also what's working in my sets. [Truthfully,] I find these moments inspiring - it's like [an encouraging] tap on the shoulder as well a push for me to keep on going. I love connecting with everyone in the [audience] - there's no feeling like it! [Nevertheless,] I'm always thankful for each experience because I get to pursue my [ultimate] passion: music. 

The House Call Records show was also fun as I was able to connect with DR. FRESCH, BIJOU and Nostalgix. Although myself and BIJOU had communicated on socials, the Piknic [Électronik] show was actually the first time we met in person. Nostalgix is a good friend of mine. We had played a show together in France and also during the ADEs [Amsterdam Dance Event] - we went back to back during both events. [That said,] these experiences allowed us to build our friendship, and it's been really great to see her career grow! As for my relationship with DR. FRESCH, [following] Escapade [Music Festival] last year, we had performed at the same after-party. It's always amazing to reconnect with everyone and have a big party together. 

On the topic of events, we want to congratulate you on your recent announcement where you shared you'll be making your international debut in Cancun!

2) Although Sun Soaked will be taking place in December, we're curious ~ are you able to share some of your plans for 2023 with us as well as some other dream bucket list items that you have on your radar for the future?

Thank you; I'm very excited! My team and I are still finalizing [various] plans, [therefore,] we aren't able to share too many details. [However,] I am able to say that I will be heading to the U.S.A. in the new year! I also want to share that Sun Soaked is the first step before we continue to announce some other really exciting projects...

Some of my dream venues are Red Rocks, EDC Las Vegas, and the list goes on. [On that same note,] I started making music after catching Hardwell's performance at Miami's Ultra [Music Festival] back in 2013. I was watching his set on YouTube, and I [had an epiphany of sorts] because I was in awe of watching a DJ play all of his own productions. That's when I realized that that's what I should be doing! [In other words,] I could make my own music and then play it for everyone. Now, Ultra [Music Festival] is an annual ritual for me; it reignites my creativity and pushes me to follow in Hardwell's footsteps. At [Festival] Riverside, for example, it was a great feeling to play my newest EP [Cescendo], etc.

We wanted to let you know that 'Everybody' was 'Thinkin About You' 'Pullin Up' to Festival Riverside. We know your set will be 'Dynamite' & we are grateful to 'Know You Better' during this interview. Also, know that I will never be 'Wasting My Time' listening to your 'Massive' anthems!

'Between Us', 'You Don't Need Me' to tell you that I incorporated many of your track names into this cheesy intro., haha. But, now that I've already done that, I think this is the perfect opportunity to ask you...

3) When it comes to your upcoming music productions, what can your fans expect?

First of all, I'm shocked, haha! That was super nice! Thank you for putting that [introduction] together. The next single you can expect is called 'Freed From Desire.' For those who attended [Festival] Riverside, you would have been one of the firsts to hear it! The track will be dropping very soon..

[In addition,] if you were a fan of my 'Massive' [by Drake] rework that I did with Bynon, you can count on a bunch of other similar projects as well as collaborations coming soon! Although my team and I are still in the works to finalize which labels they will be released on, I can [proudly] say that one of them will be on Sony [Music].

[Another thing to note,] my productions will be going in a slightly different direction - a more dark and underground style of techno. I wanted to pursue this new [music route] because I like to stand out from the norms of the dance music industry and challenge my creative boundaries.

[Furthermore,] my most techno-focused productions like my 'San Frantechno' edit of Dom Dolla's 'San Frandisco' and the 'Massive' rework seems to be [very well-received]. I want to continue to create music that brings happiness to others and to myself whenever it's played. Techno seems to be the answer for me.

[To give you an idea,] some of the artists who inspire me are Porter Robinson, Zhu, i_o, and all of the other talent who seem to follow their own [creative] paths. [In my opinion,] it's good to be different - you should own it!

4) In your opinion, what is the perfect recipe to producing a best-selling single? Which one of your own songs is your top choice when it comes to the most reachability & why?

That's tough to say as I believe this "recipe" changes every month, even every week, in some cases. I think this is due to the rise of TikTok - it has really changed the music industry. For example, [the platform] can [make its audience] listen to a cover of a classic song, and in most cases, we'll end up liking it even more than the original. That's actually what happened with my upcoming single 'Freed for Desire' - I took a classic EDM song and did a cover of it.

This way of creating music is very popular in Europe as well, meaning to [resurrect] a classic track and breathe new life into it. A great example of this is David Ghetta and Bebe Rexha who remade [Eiffel 65's] 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)' into 'I'm Good (I'm Blue'). Clearly, this "recipe" works because it seems to work with the biggest classic songs - throwbacks always come back!

For my music, it's hard to say as I feel like I'm just getting started! With this new direction I'm taking, I think my reachability may increase because of the reasons I mentioned before - techno seems to be working well for my career, and I really love it! So, more to come on this...

5) Is there anything else you'd like to share with The Flag Gang? 

I just want to say how much I appreciate everyone who supports my releases and me in general. I also want to give a big shout out to The Flag Gang and the fam for the continued support - I feel like you'll always be part of my career.

[Moreover,] it was a great feeling to see the growth in my socials, specifically my Instagram account, over the past few months. As many of you know, I, [unfortunately,] got my account hacked a few months ago and had to start fresh. I was a little down losing some of the earliest memories of my career as well from my personal life that I shared. [That said,] seeing a lot of my followers join my new account and having the opportunity to rebuild it is rewarding as I have an opportunity to build new memories with you all. 

[Furthermore,] when it comes to social media, I think a really important tool that allows us all to connect with our audience. As an artist, I feel like it's a character game; just look at FISHER - he's a master at it! Coming back to TikTok, I also think that's a [crucial] platform [to utilize] as it will help grow your fanbase, [and, ultimately, give you more exposure].

I can't wait for you to hear my new single 'Freed From Desire' - it will be out very soon. I'm also looking forward to announcing more of my shows, and I hope to see you in Cancun, if you can make it! I have a lot o projects in the works - so, keep it locked, and thank you again for all of your support. It means a lot to me!

Cover photo courtesy of Samuel Daly.


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