Exclusive: Elias Erium Launches His Rebranding Chapter With His ‘Harvester’ EP

Exclusive: Elias Erium Launches His Rebranding Chapter With His ‘Harvester’ EP

As soon as the clock struck midnight this year, you could almost feel a wave of positivity flow through the air. It felt different than the past two years - somehow more hopeful and full of new opportunities. Attempting to navigate this pesky pandemic has not been an easy feat. Quickly, we realized the world was experiencing many changes. Among the long list of developments, Solid Stone gave his fans an important update following his lengthy period of silence.  
"[...] For the past year and a half I have been working and focusing solely on developing a new project that will keep on bringing you exciting and forward thinking music. This new project is called Elias Erium. I am super excited to get things going!" -The Canadian producer wrote via a post shared on his official social media pages in January 2022. 
In the same statement, it was confirmed that Phenomena, the artist's well-respected imprint, would return after a two-year hiatus. In celebration of this thrilling revelation, a brand-new EP from Elias Erium would also be released. Flag fam; make note of the new persona as he is an artist moniker for contemporary techno music. Today, the highly-anticipated Harvester EP has officially dropped, marking a new chapter for this multi-talented musician. 
In the past, Solid Stone's craft was supported by some of the biggest names in the genre’s ever shifting landscape, including Tale of Us and Adriatique. Today, we're predicting these steadfast supporters and many other artists in the industry will jump to the occasion to not only recognize, but also to celebrate, Elias Erium promising new musical venture. The sky's the limit for this local Montreal legend! 
Speaking of support, we recently had to the opportunity to catch up with the rising star for an exclusive interview. We dug deep to discover his mindset behind the new project, his favourite moments as a label boss, his overall creation process behind the Harvester EP, and much more! It's been a pleasure learning more about Elias Erium. We wish nothing but a successful future for him and his team. Lastly, we're looking forward to hearing the forward-thinking productions live. Say it with us: "Goodbye COVID, hello dancefloor!"
1) You recently announced that you've launched a new project christened Elias Erium. What inspired the new undertaking and how will it differ from your previous Solid Stone persona? 
I think as an artist that has gone through several changes over all the years in sound, mentality and how I approach creativity, I felt I was losing my aim a bit and needed to refocus myself. That's why I decided to channel all that I've learned and experienced into a new and fresh project: Elias Erium. You will see quite a wide range of musicality and sounds while at the same time keeping a signature sound. 
2) Despite your musical endeavours shifting in a new direction, we have to say to what extent we love your Phenomena imprint! What have been some of your most rewarding experiences as a label boss and can you share some of your aspirations for the future of the label? 
Thank you! I think the most rewarding part is having grown a steady audience and support since its launch a few years ago. Phenomena will continue to be the main platform where you will see Elias Erium releases and I'm also working on getting some other talent on board! 
3) Speaking of which, congratulations are in order as you recently released a brand-new EP called Harvester on Phenomena. What were some of the positives and negatives you faced while creating this EP during a pandemic and while stepping into your fresh identity? 
Thanks! After deciding to create Elias Erium, I wanted to really let go of any creative boundaries and let my mind run wild and experiment with whatever comes to mind. Making music while being under lockdown was actually easier since it removed many distractions and allowed me to focus. I think it's hard for me to come up with any negatives as my passion for music allows me to step into any challenge. 
4) To add to your impressive musical career, you've also unveiled a 2-hour podcast. With so many projects on the go, we're curious, how do you stay on top of your work and stay inspired during the creation process?  
Focus and determination is definitely a must for me and I think staying up to date with new music helps in keeping your head into the musical flow and also allows you to keep things fresh. Inspiration always comes when I least expect it. Also, I'll never miss a chance to write down some music ideas when I get them because who knows they might turn into a full fledged track! 
5) Is there anything else you'd like to share with The Flag Gang?
Harvester is out on my label, Phenomena. Be sure to have a listen and support it if you haven't already! Stay tuned for what's to comes next! It'll be sooner than you think...


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