Excision Announces New Record Label, Subsidia - 118 Tracks Now Available!

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Excision Announces New Record Label, Subsidia - 118 Tracks Now Available!

Throughout the pandemic, we've seen many artists take a step back from the fast-paced world of dance music. Although some chose to take this route, Excision took this unprecidented opportunity to work harder than he ever has! 

For weeks now, Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision, has been hinting at a big reveal. The highly-anticipated announcement was finally made this past weekend during Couch Lands...and holyyyy - was it ever worth the wait! 

The dubstep king already has an admirable resume under his belt; whether it be his chart-climbing singles, his captivating visuals or his beloved Lost Lands Music Festival, there's no stopping this legend for reaching for the stars!

To add to his ongoing list of accomplishments, the Canadian producer can now say he is a two-time record label boss! That's right, Flag fam - on top of Rottun Recordings, you can now expect to hear brand-new music on his multi-sound label, Subsidia Records

In celebration of this monumental announcement, the label is launching three distinct compilation albums: Dusk, Night and DawnIn a recent interview with Forbes, they elaborate that "Night will be home to the heaviest bangers [...], while Dusk will showcase the wonky and wobbly sounds of experimental bass. Melodic and lyrical bass tracks will be featured on Dawn, rounding out the three compilations that total 118 tracks combined from over 100 artists."

September 28, 2020, truly marks a historic day for bass! Our boy Jeff has also curated an exclusive Subsidia playlist on Spotify, including a 2020 Mix that he personally created for your listening pleasure! Forbes' interview with Excision outlines a lot of interesting information when it comes to the concept behind the label, the stories behind the new tracks, some of the highlights of his career, among much more. We encourage you to check it out, it's really fascinating! 




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