[Watch] Excision B2B ILLENIUM Live at Lost Lands 2019 - Full Set

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[Watch] Excision B2B ILLENIUM Live at Lost Lands 2019 - Full Set

Recently, the dubstep King known as Excision hosted a three-day virtual festival dubbed Couch Lands. The stream featured several full sets from Lost Lands, including 20+ hours of never-before-seen footage from 2019 artists. From Friday through Sunday, headbangers flocked to their screens to relive the magic that took place at the Legend Valley, Ohio, last year. Since its rebroadcast, fans have been desperately trying to rewatch the historic b2b performance by Excision and ILLENIUM; however, it's been a mission trying to locate the full set online. Luckily, Lost Lands recently uploaded the full performance to their official YouTube channel, allowing their army of followers to watch as many times as their heart desires! You can check it out below. 

No matter how many times we watch the over hour-long performance, we always get a kick out of guessing whether it's Excision or ILLENIUM taking over the decks at which times. The fact that their unique sound and iconic anthems are so distinct from each other makes it pretty easy to pinpoint which one is playing. We challenge you to play this little guessing game! Overall, it's undeniably captivating to see them throw down together, and we're thrilled we're now able to rewatch the set anytime we'd like - spoiler: that's going to be A LOT. What did you think about their performance? 

Excision B2B Illenium Live at Lost Lands 2019 - Full Set



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