[Listen] Excision & ILLENIUM Officially Release 'Feel Something' With I Prevail

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[Listen] Excision & ILLENIUM Officially Release 'Feel Something' With I Prevail

It feels like many lifetimes have passed since Excision and ILLENIUM went back to back for the first-time to close out Lost Lands' third edition. When in reality, it's only been close to 200 days. Last month, we reported that their highly sought-after collaboration with I Prevail, 'Feel Something', would be dropping soon. Today, we're ecstatic to confirm the track has officially been released!

We're all living through difficult times. There are endless ways to stay positive, but ours will always be through music. With the release of the new track, our spirits are lifted more than ever! From the moment we heard the first note, it instantly took us back to a simpler time, where we were glued to our screens from Couchlands, watching the historic moment unfold. 

Now that we have the opportunity to keep it on repeat, we won't let this form of happiness slip away anytime soon. Excision and ILLENIUM lived up to their distinct styles throughout the track. If we were to compare it to their previous collab, 'Gold (Stupid Love)' featuring Shallows, we'd say 'Feel Something' is much heavier!

In a time where we're all trying to find outlets that bring us happiness, 'Feel Something' lives up to its name by delivering something that we all need...a connection. The timing of the release could not be more perfect. If you want to 'Feel Something', give the new single a listen below; you won't be disappointed!


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