[Event Recap] We Nearly Needed a Defibrillator at the Last ‘CLOSER’ Event!

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[Event Recap] We Nearly Needed a Defibrillator at the Last ‘CLOSER’ Event!

Once again, Hypeak Entertainment's beloved CLOSER event reached new heights of musical glory! Going into the fourth edition, we knew we could count on top-notch entertainment due to the highly-anticipated lineup, and acclaimed atmosphere we've grown accustom to as a result of past events. That said, to our amazement, the organizers managed to, remarkably, top their last event!

When we arrived at City At Night, we were greeted by some familiar faces. This intimate venue has become like a second home to us, making the staff feel like part of our extended family. As always, we appreciated the level of professionalism and enthusiasm the security guards, door, and coat check attendants each provided. Thanks to these qualities, it instantly kicked off the night on the right foot!

We made sure to arrive early to support the event's opener. When we caught our first glimpse of the dancefloor, we were delighted to see that others shared the same mindset. It was apparent as the venue had already reached half capacity. We were also thrilled to see the stage back in its original central position as it took us back to the pre-pandemic era; ultimately, it brought us all CLOSER together.

The Ottawa Rave Community was out in full force last Friday, May 6, 2022. Among the crowd, we spotted shufflers, kandi kids, rave couples, music enthusiasts, and many more individuals who make our scene so special. We instantly had a permanent smile following the realization that music is what brings us all together. The CLOSER event series is the epidemy of unity...

Maxime Baker, AKA Baker, was setting the tone nicely for the event. He played an expert mix of soulful house tracks all while unleashing unexpected bass-heavy singles! The crowd was loving every minute, especially when he dropped 'It's A Killa' by FISHER. It seemed to perfectly describe his debut set in front of a live audience. We couldn't have been more proud to see him succeed!

At this point in time, the crowd was roaring in delight! The Ottawa Shufflers Community took over the front of the dancefloor with their high caliber footwork and contagious energy. It's a continuous match made in heaven when DJs and shufflers collide. The other spectators cheered and joined in the celebration - a noteworthy one, in fact, as Baker had just finished his inaugural performance.

With the excitement flowing through the air, the talented Anthony Cole took the decks. This is an artist who has consistently been at the forefront of our local dance music scene due to his impressive musical abilities. He's proven time and time again that he's a force to be reckoned with. We had high expectations ahead of his set. Spoiler: we were not disappointed! 

In true Anthony Cole fashion, he delivered a high energy performance, enough to give anyone an instant adrenaline rush! From start to finish, he showcased his undeniable skillset. His experience in the industry was made obvious by his trained ear for music and crowd control. No matter the track he chose, he spiced things up by mixing in some of the biggest anthems of our time. The set was simply epic!

As the night progressed, we wiggled our way backstage to meet the Ghetto Birds ahead of their performance. They spoke to us about their excitement to be playing in Canada's capital; noting how impressed they were by both Baker and Anthony Cole's sets. When we asked why they were playing with a mini skateboard, they shared their name originates from the ghetto bird skate trick.

The Montreal duo blew us away by their down-to-earth nature, but won us over by their bass-heavy tech-house productions. It wasn't long before we had our Auto Shazam listening in the background - we're so glad we did because their discography is truly spectacular! They even have collaborations with our Flag friend CastNowski. Be sure to check out their impeccable productions.

As the night wrapped up, we could have probably used a defibrillator...because the music kept hitting us right in our heart! There's always something so special about house music; but when you add some bass, it's just sheer perfection! Congratulations to all artists on delivering killer sets, and an even bigger round of applause for Hypeak Entertainment on another triumphant edition! 

Thank you @613digitalclicks, @antonyphoto, & lakynmfphotography for capturing the night!


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