[Event Recap] Audioform’s ‘Ritual’ Debut Was an Undeniable Success!

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[Event Recap] Audioform’s ‘Ritual’ Debut Was an Undeniable Success!

We're still trying to process the sheer insanity that went down at The 27 Club last Saturday. Although we knew we could count on a unique event due to the passionate team behind Ritual, we certainly weren't ready for this experience to mark us for life! 

Our good friend Matfroninja was on opening duties, promising a future bass and dubstep set that would have attendees ready to "crybang." After a warm welcome and an organized entry into the nightclub, we were ready to witness the magic unfold.

Immediately, we were delighted to see a packed crowd, despite the early timeslot. It reminded us that the bass community is arguably one of the most supportive in the game. Unsurprisingly, Matfroninja set the tone for the night by unleashing heartfelt anthems.

When everyone was in their feels, the vibe instantly shifted to a more high-energy dynamic when Breezetronixs took the stage. When we tell you we weren't expecting the shift, we mean it - at that point in time, the event went off! It's giving us chills thinking back to it.

The endless support between the artists and the other key team members was truly moving. Each individual took the time to show love to one another, ensuring to thank them for their efforts in the overall success of the event. Audioform's cornerstone is next-level!

In addition to the evident friends flocking on stage, Breezetronixs dropped some killer drum 'n' bass tracks that had everyone jumping in unison. After a 2-year pandemic, it almost felt like we were jumping for joy in celebration of its end. It was so special!

Other local talent such as HAMRO and Wab danced next to the booth. There's something about their energy and friendship that leaves a permanent smile to everyone's faces when they witness it. Breezetronixs also joined in and hyped up the crowd that much further.

Shout out to whoever orchestrated the lineup that night! The flow of the various bass genres was just so perfect. Following the drum 'n' bass-heavy set, Bundarr took the stage, and immediately commanded it with countless bass-house singles. The power in his stance alongside the chosen tracks were unmatched!

At this point in time, we decided to soak in the charm of the venue. Not only did we find it to be spacious, but there were so many hidden gems within its walls. One of the most unexpected elements was the trippy artwork leading towards the washrooms. The cartoony and florescent images added some flare to the often boring area.

While exploring, we met some absolutely amazing individuals such as the hardworking bartenders, coat check attendant, doorman, security guards, and Marshall, the legend behind the incredible lighting. The A/V equipment that's used is truly mind-blowing. We can only imagine how many tests go into ensuring the results are superior.

We quickly wiggled our way back to the front to catch the very talented KAT2KAT's performance. After seeing her play at Riverside Festival, we knew she wouldn't disappoint; and that was exactly the case! The sheer power within this tiny human is incredible. Later that night, we even got to meet her and she was the sweetest!

Our ears were ringing, but our excitement levels were high - it was finally time for the highly-anticipated b2b performance! Niceotope and Underwater didn't waste any time showcasing their wide range of musicality. You could tell they love what they do and they totally fed off of each other's abilities. It was just so much fun to witness!

The night slowly came to an end, but the crowd never got any smaller. Blindside made his stage debut, dropping drum 'n' bass singles to finish the night off strong. No doubt it took a lot of guts to perform in front of others for the first-time - but, he did great, and should feel very proud of himself, as we're sure Audioform is of him.

We'd like to extend a massive congratulations to the entire team behind the event. You truly exceeding our expectations and left an imprint on our hearts forever. Between the undeniable love we felt, the extensive production, the outstanding sets, and the evident passionate team players, you reminded us why our scene is so extraordinary! 

Flag fam: as a reminder, Ritual is a monthly bass event in the heart of Canada's capital. If you're ready to live a unique bass-heavy experience with some like-minded party goers, be sure to give their official page a follow, and to stay up-to-date on all events, artist spotlights and much more. We can't wait until the next one! 



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