[Event Recap] ELEVATION 001: Carl Cox at the Montreal Olympic Stadium

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[Event Recap] ELEVATION 001: Carl Cox at the Montreal Olympic Stadium

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of attending the first large-scale indoor rave in Montreal since the beginning of the pandemic. Although the weekend may be over, the memories we made during ELEVATION 001 will live on forever. Looking back on this unique experience almost feels like some sort of fantasy. It's one of those moments in time where we truly cannot believe just how lucky we are to have lived it!

We have so much to share with you; so, let's dive right in... 

Ever since the COVID-19 restrictions have started to lift, there's a sense of hope and excitement seemingly flowing through the air. This contagious thrill is matched thanks to the wave of event announcements flooding our social media channels. When we first caught wind of ELEVATION 001: Carl Cox, we knew we couldn't miss it. The guarantee of a whopping five world-renowned artists and epic venue had us sold!


We had heard of extensive events held at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal such as Bass Ship and Festival Metro Metro, but little did we know just how incredible the location was until we got to experience it ourselves! When we were dropped off at the Olympic Park, we nearly had to pull our jaws off the floor. The sheer magnitude of the space was truly something to behold! (Did you know the full capacity can reach 66,308 people in attendance?)

While approaching the entrance, we were immediately impressed by how well the organizers (evenko, NEON, Loud x Clear and Frontrite) utilized the space. The attentive staff quickly directed us to the designated sections. Whether you were GA, VIP, or on Guest List, the wait times were very reasonable. Major props to the coat check attendants too - their efficiency and patience were greatly appreciated.

After a meticulous security check, we were granted entry into the main hall. We could hear the faint sounds of the booming bass from a distance, and also felt the vibrating floor beneath us. It took us back to the first time we walked into EDC Las Vegas - although we didn't quite know what to expect, we could sense something magical was about to occur. And, that's exactly what happened moments later...We have shivers thinking back to that moment.

We climbed up and down some stairs; then, we continued to walk through a tunnel of sorts. That's when we really started to hear cheering party goers and caught glimpses of lights. It was at that point in time where we began to absorb all aspects of the extraordinary production, and realized just how legendary ELEVATION 001 would be. Fitting enough, the first thing we spotted in the crowd was an astronaut balloon - indicating everything would be out of this world...

It was made evident that we weren't the only ones who wanted to arrive early to soak in the entire experience. There were easily hundreds of like-minded ravers already on the dance floor, and that numbers quickly climbed to reach the 5,000+ capacity room limit throughout the duration of the event. Despite the impressive number of attendees, the bars and washrooms' wait times were always tolerable. Without a doubt, this is once again due to the staff's level of professionalism and noticeable preparation.

While navigating the vast crowd, we walked by the Kandies World booth. As always, we were impressed by their eye-catching festival items such as hand-dipped bucket hats, LED and other glow accessories, t-shirts, among much more! It was a nice touch for the ticket holders as it provided another elements of the event to explore. We even spotted some of their products in the crowd throughout the night - a sign of happy customers nonetheless. 

After wiggling our way through the sea of people, we quickly became mesmerized by the absolutely epic audio visual production by Onedot! You could tell there was so much time and effort put into the overall assembly of the stage, and seemingly endless equipment. The use of colours and the positioning of the lasers and the other lights showcased the production team's obvious expertise. To say we were captivated throughout the duration of the event is an understatement. Check out some images below for a perspective...

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Speaking of photos, we ended up bumping into one of our favourite photographers amongst the crowd. Matthew Perry's undeniable passion and work ethic is truly contagious; which is why we're thrilled to feature his work within this article. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his official website. It's absolutely astonishing to follow his adventures; for example, he'll be an official photographer for Ultra Music Festival this coming weekend. We can't wait to see the results!

Another unexpected encounter was meeting Anthony Cardinale, better known by his stage name Avision. We truly weren't expecting to see him dancing amongst his fans as he had quite literally just finished his opening set. We were delighted to get to know the talented artist. His laid-back demeanor and irrefutable kindness made him such a pleasure to be around. We have a lot more to share with you; so, stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Avision that'll be dropping soon!

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When Dubfire was on stage, you could feel an influx of energy due to the sheer number of attendees within the space. Not to mention, the four-time nominated and Grammy Award-winning artist unleashed an apex of unique sounds, which turned into a pleasurable sensory overload! Nicole Moudaber was originally scheduled to perform from 11PM-1AM; however, flight delays resulted in a timetable swap with Joseph Capriati.

They say, "[the techno] God works in mysterious ways," and that was exactly the case as Capriati delivered a dynamic set, immediately breathing new life into the atmosphere. Incidentally, when Carl Cox took the stage, it felt like the peek of the event's bliss. When he connected to the mic to say his signature chant "OH YES, OH YES" - the crowd roared in delight! The King of Techno commanded the stage and unleashed a vast array of classic and fresh techno anthems. 

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Royalty was certainly present during ELEVATION 001 as the Queen of Techno had finally arrived! In all honesty, we were slightly worried she wouldn't make it as the clock was nearing 4AM. That said, we trusted the process, and the wait was unquestionably worth it! The MOOD label boss' unapologetic persona perfectly complimented her highly-anticipated dark and filthy set. Moudaber is at the forefront of her own movement, and this fact was solidified again that night. 

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We couldn't help but stay until the very end of the event - we were truly having the time of our lives! We want to take a moment to thank everyone who was involved in ELEVATION 001 - your noticeable efforts and unmistakable passion shined through in every aspect of the undertaking. With festival season around the corner and the world opening back up, we're beyond ecstatic to see what the future holds...


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