[Event Recap] Worlds Collided at ELEVATION 002

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[Event Recap] Worlds Collided at ELEVATION 002

In true Canadian fashion, we always look forward to the Labour Day long weekend. It's a time to reconnect with the people and the things we appreciates most. For us, we find happiness in sharing moments with likeminded individuals and in our passion for music. We couldn't wait to tie these loves into our early September plans...

As fate would have it, we stumbled upon the most perfect event to satisfy our greatest desires: ELEVATION 002. We had the honour of covering the debut edition earlier this year; therefore, we were eager to see how evenko, NEON, Loud x Clear, Frontrite and Monkey Buzinezz would top the previous successful event; and ultimately, send off the summer in the best way possible.

Our expectations were high as we reminisced about the magic we experienced at ELEVATION 001. In case you missed it, you can check out our exclusive event recap here. To add to our already high anticipations, when we first caught wind of the lineup, we instantly had no doubts that the second occasion in the series would be anything short of spectacular!

Back in March, during the event's official launch, we were truly blown away by the overall production. In all honesty, we were perfectly content with the one stage as it included all of the key points ravers are known to adore: an amazing sound system, impeccable visuals, etc. The second event promised a whopping two stages designed to distinguish the beloved worlds of trance and techno.

We couldn't wait to see how the organizers would double the production value. In fairness, we knew they would live up to our wildest presumptions as two legends were announced to hold down the esteemed slots amongst the programming. The trance stage would be headlined by none other than Armin van Buuren, while Boris Brejcha would headline the techno stage. 

Luckily, it took no time for the long weekend to roll around. The moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived! With a suitcase packed with techno gear and a stomach full of butterflies, we began our road trip to Montreal for ELEVATION 002. We expressed to our friends that this event was a marathon and not a sprint due to the 10-hour timeframe - which seemed fitting as it would take place at the Olympic Stadium

Decked out in a black monochromatic outfit and chains, we made our way to the Olympic Park. It seemed as though we weren't the only ones who shared in the mindset to arrive early as many partygoers flocked to the entrance. Despite the wave of attendees, the line's wait times were more than reasonable. The security team conducted a thorough search before we walked through metal detectors. Like before, we instantly felt safe and well looked after.

One of our favourite moments was witnessing our friends' reactions while they approached the main room. It triggered our own memories from earlier this year when we first experienced the same moment. Hearing the bass and seeing the glowing lights in the distance was simply sheer bliss. We couldn't wait to begin our newest adventure, especially with this particular group of music enthusiasts...

Upon arrival, we began to take in our surroundings. We quickly noticed some admirable upgrades and changes were made since the previous edition. The overall layout seemed to flow much better. For example, the portable toilets were in a new location and even additional ones were spread out to allow for the attendees to waste less time walking away from the stage. 

On the topic of the venue's rework, we spotted various bars and vendors booths expertly spread out throughout the space. Previous attendees could certainly gather that the organizers truly took the time to listen to all of the feedback post-event, whether it may have been positive or negative. The modifications we witnessed were fantastic and unquestionably added to the best experience possible. That said, a wave of gratitude overcame us...

While we were soaking up the atmosphere, one of the things that stood out to us was the influx of balloons. They really added to the general vibe of the space. Adorable and funny characters soared above, adding another visually pleasing aspect in addition to the lasers beaming throughout the room. Props to those who brought them - you all added a special element to the night!

The techno beats were thumping and reverberating off the walls. The talented openers were warming up the crowd nicely. Our curiosity overcame us - we wanted to explore the trance stage; and that's exactly what we did! Just a short walk past the techno stage lead into the other room. We felt a rapid shift from the fast-paced genre to the often melodic realm of trance music. It unequivocally awoken all of our senses...

Throughout the night, we bounced back and forth from the stages as if we were a bouncy ball. We wanted to catch as many sets are possible as the level of talent on the bill was sincerely jaw-dropping. Each artists delivered a memorable set, unleashing their distinct sound and commanding the decks as if it was in their coding. We were sincerely blown away by the various performances! 

Some of the highlights for us at the trance stage was karl k-otik working through technical glitches to still deliver a commendable set, Nifra's powerful stage presence, Ruben de Ronde holding the Quebec flag and radiating positive vibes, MaRlo's entertaining visuals matched with his charismatic energy, Aly & Fila's army of dedicated fans chanting their anthems, and Armin van Buuren's dynamic set full of old and new-school bangers!

As for the techno stage, some of our favourite moments included when Ann Clue dropped everything from deep dark melodic to acid and strong basslines, Moritz Hofbauer's physical movements reminded us of Avicii's iconic arm gestures, HNTR played 'Opus' that was masterfully mixed with a filthy techno drop for the ages; and of course, when the sensational Boris Brejcha took the decks to deliver one of the most captivating performances we had ever seen!


Although there were many noteworthy high points throughout ELEVATION 002, the one that unquestionably stood out amongst the rest was observing two of the most beloved music genres in dance music colliding. It was incredibly special to see even the most devoted of fans smiling from ear to ear in appreciation for music as a whole. We feel blessed to have lived this experience and are counting down until the next one...




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