[Event Recap] Hypeak Entertainment’s ‘CLOSER’ Was Another Huge Success!

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[Event Recap] Hypeak Entertainment’s ‘CLOSER’ Was Another Huge Success!

Have you ever lived an experience so undeniably epic that you didn't think it could ever be beat? This phenomenon has happened to us time and time again during Hypeak Entertainment's acclaimed CLOSER events.

The Hypeak event production team is well-known for their high-caliber lineups and indisputable passion for the dance music community. These facts have been made evident due to the consistent success of their sold out editions.

This invitation only event series has repeatedly grabbed the attention of music enthusiasts thanks to the captivating graphics showcasing some of the biggest names in our booming local music scene.

Although the truly jaw-dropping flyers play a key part in the promotion of CLOSER, the echoing praise expressed by past attendees are truly what reinforce what this experience is known to be today.

We had the pleasure of attending the third edition this past Friday, April 15, 2022. We're ecstatic to give you a glimpse into the magic that brings us all CLOSER together. Check out our exclusive event recap below...

Upon our arrival at City At Night, a venue that has become like a second home to us, we were greeted by dedicated security guards. They truly go above and beyond to ensure everyone remains safe. We always appreciate their diligence!

As this was a sold out show, there was a good amount of people waiting in line. It was impressive, to say the least, to see how quickly party goers were granted entry into the venue. 

Once inside, our tickets were checked, and we were given a stamp by an extremely kind door girl. Her friendly nature kicked off the night out on the right foot!

After a short walk down the stairs, it was quickly unmistakable that all City At Night staff shared the same commitment to the business and overall excitement relating to the event. In other words, coat check and bar service were equally as efficient! 

Like previous CLOSER editions, the atmosphere was instantaneously positive thanks to the attendees' dynamic nature and mutual love of dance music; not to mention, the bumping melodies coming from a distance added to the bliss.

As shufflers, glovers, music lovers, magicians (you read that right), and more, flocked to the dance floor, we wiggled our way to the decks. The opener, Stevie, was setting the tone for the night as a result of his thoughtful track choices and expert transitions.

What really stood out to us about Stevie was his visible love of house music. The music seemed to flow through him in the most beautiful way possible. There was an electricity in the air when he played - it's no wonder we felt a magnicity towards him.

After unleashing what we believe to be the best opening set we may have ever witnessed, DRAGOS took the decks. It was obvious to us that the talented DJ/producer came equipped with a tactful game plan...

Each track seemed to be carefully selected to bring the crowd on a house music ride of a lifetime. When he dropped Wax Motif's 'Divided Souls' Ft. Diddy, the crowd erupted with excitement! We personally couldn't have chosen a more perfect anthem for the night.

It was a true delight going from Stevie's soulful and euphoric set, to Dragos' hard-hitting and dynamic performance. The energy in the club kept increasing, especially when PAQS arrived...

At this point in time, things quite literally started to heat up! The venue was completely packed, and everyone was ready to see what he had in store; especially because he is known for his powerful performances.

To make matters even more special, PAQS kicked off his set by giving a shout out to various party goers celebrating birthdays as well as his parents who attended their first show - ever. Check it out below...

The amount of love and support we felt in that moment was next-level! Furthermore, we've mentioned this before, but the local support in Ottawa is so incredibly unique. Other local DJs and event companies were also present to encourage the event.

In addition, the Ottawa Shufflers Community were arguably the heart and soul of the event. Bringing their skillful moves, contagious positivity, light up rave accessories, and more, to the dance floor - specifically to the dance circle. Check out their recap below...

The club was absolutely going off! PAQS certainly lived up to the hype surrounding his DJ persona, delivering what may be the most high-energic set to ever be played within City At Night!

With nothing but love flowing through the air, the highly-anticipated back to back set with Classyfied and WAB was about to begin. Like many, we were curious to see WAB play a house set as he's known for his bass-heavy performances.

It didn't take long before we were left speechless! The duo expertly dropped banger after banger - resulting in the audience roaring in satisfaction. We were consistently blown away by their talent and crowd control. Great job, guys!

They say, "all good things must come to an end," - the good news; even though CLOSER may be over, there will be another exciting edition announced tonight. Stay tuned for it - you won't want to miss it!

 Photos courtesy of Antony Doniewski



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