Sweden’s Ericsson Globe Has Been Officially Renamed Avicii Arena

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Sweden’s Ericsson Globe Has Been Officially Renamed Avicii Arena

As many of you know, it's Mental Health Awareness Month. Over the past few weeks, the dance music community, in particular, has been reminded of mental health's undeniable effects. Fans finally got closure about i_o's passing, originally thought to be suicide - however, the LA County Coroner’s office confirmed his death as late-stage Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

One of the artists at the forefront of mental health awareness is Avicii. In most recent news, Stockholm's Ericsson Globe, a 16,000 capacity venue, has been renamed in tribute to the late Swedish musician. The Tim Bergling Foundation, the well-known charity founded by Avicii's family in 2019, took part in the Avicii Arena rebranding

In 2012, Tim Bergling, AKA Avicii, played two sold-out shows at the venue. To make matters even more special, the arena is planned to become a “global hub for sharing ideas on young people's mental health”, hosting events in partnership with the acclaimed foundation.

"It was a significant milestone in Tim’s career when he played here nine years ago, and he would be extremely proud that this iconic building from today will bear his name,” stated Avicii’s father and Tim Bergling Foundation co-founder Klas Bergling.

Andreas Sand, CEO of Stockholm Live, the company that manages Avicii Arena, shared: "Being able to use one of Sweden's most famous and visited buildings as a symbol and meeting place for one of the most important societal issues of our time in the way we now do together with our partners feels fantastic.

You can check out the spectacular teasers below, which includes a new recorded version of Avicii's hit 'For A Better Day', sung by the talented 14-year-old Ella, who's accompanied by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Brace yourselves, you will be inspired! What will you do to help build a better tomorrow for all?


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