[Breaking News] Erick Morillo Has Passed Away

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[Breaking News] Erick Morillo Has Passed Away

This entire year has been one hell of a rollercoaster! No matter the time of day, you can tune into the news to discover some truly troublesome occurrences worldwide. The EDM community has also been thrown their fair share of curveballs, especially these past few months. Among the long list of shocking revelations, it was reported that Erick Morillo was arrested in Miami on sexual battery charges. Today, the house icon was found dead...

Although the circumstances surrounding his death are still unclear, it has been confirmed he was found dead in his Miami Beach apartment this morning. There's also no denying the fact the well-known musician had hit rock-bottom. TMZ reports, "The alleged victim claims she and Morillo went to his place after they were both DJing. She alleges she resisted his sexual advances, and then went to sleep at his place, but woke up nude ... with Morillo standing next to her, also nude."

Morillo quickly denied the accusations. However, when the rape kit tested positive with his DNA, he turned himself in with his attorney present. He was then charged with sexual battery. 

Prior to this disturbing report, the 49-year-old was known as one of the biggest names in house music. He produced the electro-dance anthem 'I Like To Move It', under his stage name Reel 2 Real. He leaves behind an impressive resume stacked with international gigs and chart-topping singles. R.I.P. 


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