Eric Prydz Continues to Honour Deceased Fan's Wishes in Another Special Way

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Eric Prydz Continues to Honour Deceased Fan's Wishes in Another Special Way

Every now and again, artists will express just how much they love their fans. Often times, they will launch contests to show their appreciation. Eric Prydz, on the other hand, has, once again, gone above and beyond for one of his dedicated followers. Recently, the Swedish DJ fulfilled one of their greatest wishes. Grab the Kleenex, this one's about to tear at your heartstrings...In 2016, James Lillo, a longtime superfan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As one of his last wishes, he wanted to see Prydz perform live one last time. The multitalented producer caught wind of his fans request, and as a result, he made the arrangements to fly him out to Los Angeles.

Although this opportunity would be enough to make any committed follower's dreams come true, Prydz and his team didn't stop there. After speaking to Lillo, they created a benefit concert in his honour for the Cancer Research Institute, the charity of his personal choosing. After a truly heart-rending turn of events, Lillo died before being able to attend the concert. Despite the tragic circumstances, the benefit show still went ahead, selling out two consecutive nights. The admirable series of events raised a whopping $60,000 for the non-profit organization. We're positive Lillo was there in spirit and couldn't have been more proud in that moment!

Furthering his tribute to his fan, Prydz created the, now, iconic track 'Lillo'. You can give it a listen below. Recently, the family of the deceased sent the record producer what we could only assume to be one of his most special gifts to date - a portion of Lillo's ashes. With the help of an artist, the ashes were sprinkling with colours that represented him best. Lillo's loving parents asked that Prydz help them fulfill one of their son's final wishes, visiting Australia. In a recent Twitter post, the thoughtful musician stated, "Let's go to Austalia buddy...", confirming that he would help make this request come true. 


Shoutout to Prydz for going above and beyond for his fan turned friend! This is an excellent reminder that no matter where you may be at in life, that you can take a moment to help someone out that needs it. It's never too late, or too early, to start making a difference in the world. Keep spreading kindness around like confetti. You'll be amazed to see how much of an impact you can make! 


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