Eric Prydz Is in Hot Water Over Coronavirus Slew of Tweets

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Eric Prydz Is in Hot Water Over Coronavirus Slew of Tweets

Wherever you look, or may be, the Coronavirus topic of discussion is present. Whether it's a politician updating us on the pandemic, or the music industry sharing heartbreaking posts related to shows, tours and festival cancellations, there's no escaping it! The COVID-19 has affected the entire world. Unfortunately, it's difficult to pinpoint when the ongoing troubles will come to an end. As such, countless parties have come forward to give their two cents on a potential solution to the illness, including Eric Prydz...

The Swedish DJ took to Twitter to suggest the "solution is for ALL healthy people to get it." - that's right, Flag fam, the "it" being the coronavirus... He continued by stating, "[...] if we stay at home we will just prolong the procedure." Basically attempting to insinuate that it's inevitable that we're all going to catch the virus eventually. As a result, we should protect the vulnerable - the elderly, he hinted.

As you can imagine, not everyone took his statements lightly. It wasn't long before his army of fans began to chime in. Eric's original statement referred to a popular suggestion in the UK called "herd immunity". Unsurprisingly, he received a wave of backlash for his, triggering, point of view and didn't elaborate much when responding to his followers' comments.

Eric Prydz's original tweet


Despite the criticisms, and numerous now deleted tweets, Prydz released a statement apologizing for offending and confusing his fanbase. His intention was to speak freely...clearly that backfired as a heated debate ensued. There's no question that the world is a little mad right now - we gotta cut each other a break... 



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