Elon Musk Suggested Tesla Should Have a Rave Cave Under the Berlin Gigafactory

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Elon Musk Suggested Tesla Should Have a Rave Cave Under the Berlin Gigafactory


Elon Musk is always full of surprises! In addition to being an engineer, industrial designer, and technology entrepreneur, he's also a skilled producer. To send off January, he shocked fans by dropping a quite decent techno track called 'Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe'. The CEO of SpaceX has, once again, astonished his fans by proposing a Tesla "mega rave cave under the Berlin [Gigafactory]". The news follows his string of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival tweets, including the most infamous post stating, "Coachella should postpone itself until it stops sucking" - harsh words, but his fans were here for it!



The suggestion to host what could potentially be one of the world's most historic raves to date is not one that Musk approached lightly. He took to Twitter to host a poll in order to gauge the interest. The results spoke for themselves with 90% of people saying yes. Following the poll, he stated the rave would have "an epic sound system & woofers the size of a car." We have no doubts that the South African entrepreneur is a man of his word and would blow his followers' expectations out of the water! 



His techno track alongside his previous experience running a nightclub inside of his house during college in order to pay rent, are but two mere examples of his past involvement in the dynamic world of music. His undeniable creativity and consistent determination to keep pushing boundaries, in all aspects of his life, has resulted in an unlimited world of possibilities - a potentially legendary rave experience included. With the lengthy list of festivals that have been cancelled due to the ongoing concerns surrounding the COVID-19, this "mega rave cave" may be the glimmer of hope we all need! 





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