Ekali Cancels Show Due to Alleged Assault by Security Guards in St. Louis

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Ekali Cancels Show Due to Alleged Assault by Security Guards in St. Louis

Ekali is living one hell of a roller coaster year! Recently, the Canadian DJ has announced his engagement to singer Sam Blacky. Flag fam, you have to check out her ring - it's stunning! Although this moment was an undeniable wave of positivity for the rising superstar, this past week hasn't been an easy one for him nor his team.  

On Friday, November 15, 2019, Ekali was billed to perform at Club Europe in St. Louis. Later, he took to Twitter to confirm that he was cancelling the show due to the security and other staff members' threatening actions against him and his team. Furthermore, he chronicled some of the staff's unprofessional behaviours and even shared a clip of some of the troubling confrontations, as seen below. 

As you can imagine, the accused staff members did not take these allegations lightly. One of the security guards, going by @MRGoliath on Twitter, responded to Ekali and offered an alternative perspective to the story. Unfortunately, the Tweet was later deleted; however, you can still get an idea of the context below.

The power of social media never ceases to amaze us. We hope that by a big name DJ shinning a light on these unacceptable acts that something will get done to improve the club's attendees' overall safety. For those who were affected by the cancellation and who would like to see Ekali perform in St. Louis, we have good news! He has confirmed that he will, eventually, make it back to the city, stating, "I’m sorry to those I disappointed, I’ll be back soon in a venue not ran by thugs." 



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