Montreal's Draeden Releases Powerful Conquest EP

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Montreal's Draeden Releases Powerful Conquest EP

LABEL: Kannibalen Records
RELEASED: July 12, 2019


In the ever-thriving dance music community, many artists tend to stick to what they know best, often times never trailing from their original roots. 

Montreal-based Draeden didn't immediately fall into the booming world of EDM; his passion for music first sparked when he discovered metal and rock.

In 2011, he took the brave step to branch out from his heavier roots to explore electronic music, defying the norms of today's average DJ.

At this moment, Draeden began to compose and produce electronic music all while juggling multiple solo projects. In 2018, the Draeden project was officially born.

Today, the Canadian musician has announced the release of his debut four-track EP christened Conquest on Kannibalen Records.

We had the pleasure of listening to the tracks ahead of the official release date. You can find out what we thought below...

Our intrigue began to consume us. We sought out the best speakers that we had in our possession in order to begin to listen to the EP.

Immediately, the satisfaction of blasting the first track of the EP, 'Conquest', through good speakers solidified our initial thought.

This fresh EP deserves to be heard through a high-quality sound system! The first few seconds began to bring us on a journey...

Described as a cinematic bass genre, we believe that this category is aptly named as it truly feels like one's listening to a movie soundtrack.

1) Conquest

Conquest's baseline is packed with energy! At first, you can hear the suspense building. We felt as though we were gearing up to tackle a challenging task ahead.

As the bassline continues to build, the composition sparked our inner feelings of adrenaline and empowerment.

A hauntingly beautiful violin and almost heavenly melodies began to play in the distance, leaving us wanting to hear what happened next...

Our senses were heightened by the drum kicks, and then, the powerful dubstep drop was unleashed!

The flow of the track made us feel like we were on an important quest, and by the end, the music guided us towards a triumph!

Whatever you visualized this journey as being, this single will leave you feeling ready to tackle even the greatest of challenges.

We can see why the EP is named after this track! It reinforces the story that lies within. Keep listening, and you'll discover what we mean.

2) Dark Skies

When we began to listen to 'Dark Skies', we immediately knew why it was given that particular name.

The faint sounds of rain pouring down began to fill our ears, however, an uptempo beat quickly began to build.

Although dark skies are usually gloomy, the beat is uplifting, and made us want to dance!

In true Draeden fashion, a well-timed drop snuck up on us and surprised us with unexpected beats! 

Seriously, we hope the Flag Fam gives this one a listen, the drop will be stuck in your head - it's THAT good. 

3) Way Back Home Ft Heather Sommer

'Way Back Home' featuring Heather Sommer showcased Draeden's softer side, perhaps thanks to Sommer's feminine touch.

The track is much slower and melodic, compared to the first two singles. We loved how it switched things up!

We were happily surprised when we recognized Sommer's beautiful vocals. However, it's no wonder since she's becoming one of New York’s go-to writers in the POP/EDM scene.

The track is quite lyric-heavy, yet the timing of the lyrics alongside Draeden's distinct sound is pure magic.   

You'll want to give this one a listen a few times. The lyrics may not resonate at first, however, they are powerful and deserve to be heard over and over.

4) The Troops

Gather your squad for this one! 'The Troops' will leave you wanted to defeat any challenge, but with some of your most trustworthy companions!

The buildup begins slow and makes you feel as if you're gearing up to tackle your hardest mission to date.

Draeden seemed to explore his original musical roots with this particular track. A heavier side is showcased, and we absolutely loved it!

Headbangers will be in heaven with this one! The cinematic bass is still in full effect, yet pushes towards a festival feel.

This single was expertly placed at the end of the EP - it left us feeling amped, and ready to take on the world! #ConquestComplete



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