Dillons Francis Hosted a 'One Deeper - 001' Stream as His DJ Hanzel Alter Ego

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Dillons Francis Hosted a 'One Deeper - 001' Stream as His DJ Hanzel Alter Ego

Over the past week, Dillon Francis has made being stuck in isolation that much more bearable by blessing us with various forms of entertainment. The American producer is no stranger to keeping his fans engaged by delivering hysterical clips. Recently, we got treated to Gerald's first-ever DJ set which was nothing short of sheer comedy gold! In addition, he went back to back with Diplo during their 2-hour Coronight Fever set - you can check it out here.

This past weekend, Dillon Francis blessed his army of followers with another unexpected performance in quarantine. He transformed himself into his beloved DJ Hanzel alter ego to host a special One Deeper - 001 set. It has been an extended period of time since Hanzel has made an appearance; trust us, it was worth the wait! Be sure to check it out below - you'll have to start the YouTube clip as of 31:00. Following the performance, the deeper alias took to Twitter to state, "People don't go deep enough anymore, and that's sad." We couldn't agree more!



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