mau5trap Announces Return of BSOD With New Single Dropping in April

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mau5trap Announces Return of BSOD With New Single Dropping in April

We recently reported that deadmau5 is planning a virtual concert. While we *im*patiently wait for details to drop, the Canadian producer revealed another unexpected surprise! For years now, Joel Thomas Zimmerman, known by his stage name deadmau5, has been expertly juggling multiple and complex projects. Among the long-list of undertakings is his various alias, including BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and his techno alter-ego Testpilot. As many of you are well-aware, his Testpilot alias is going strong, but what ever happened to BSOD?

The iconic music duo is comprised of Steve Duda and deadmau5. It's been almost a decade since the collaborative project released new music. Most of their singles dropped in the early 2000, including 'This Is The Hook', 'Super Breakfast', 'Lollercoaster', and many more! Recently, the acclaimed mau5trap record label revealed that BSOD will be making its triumphant return! Mark your calendars; on Friday, April 10, 2020, something called 'No Way Get Real' will be released. Currently, it's unclear whether it's a single, EP, or an album. As the mystery continues, you can pre-save via Spotify or Deezer, and pre-add on Apple Music here.  



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