Code: Pandorum x Caster Release Hard-Hitting 'Parasite Eve' Bootleg

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Code: Pandorum x Caster Release Hard-Hitting 'Parasite Eve' Bootleg

Take a moment to think about the first time you heard a song that ended up becoming one of your all-time favourites. The blissful melody, impactful rhythm, catchy lyrics - whatever the aspect may have been, you never quite expected it to become so prominent in your life. This was the case when Caster and Code: Pandorum first gave Bring Me The Horizon's single 'Parasite Eve' a listen. Following its release, the talented producers knew they had to give this powerful chart-climber their own twist, all while maintaining the essence of the original track.

Speaking on the creation of the bootleg, Sven Selka, known professionally as Code: Pandorum, stated, "The inspiration was flowing and turned into this ruthless but melodic direction." As a result, it took a mere 2 days to complete their own take on the single. For some die-hard Code: Pandorum fans, the bootleg may sound familiar. Earlier this month, it was first premiered in the highly praised Leviathan Ch. 2 mix, which included a whopping forty minutes of unreleased Crowsnest Audio music. If you haven't heard it yet, be sure to do so below!

As some of you may know, we recently collaborated with Code: Pandorum for an exclusive 'Art of the Devil' baseball jersey. They are flying off the shelf, so be sure to get yours here, before it's too late! In addition to this special collector's item, the German artist and his pal Caster have treated their army of followers to a free download of their fresh bootleg. Even though the holidays are still several months away, we hope these surprises make your year a little bit more bearable. There's no arguing that 2020 hasn't been easy, but it's nothing bass can't fix!

Bring Me The Horizon - 'Parasite Eve' (Code: Pandorum x Caster Bootleg):



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