Code: Pandorum Unleashes Monstrous New 'Art of the Devil' LP

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Code: Pandorum Unleashes Monstrous New 'Art of the Devil' LP

The worldwide pandemic has forced countless events to be put on hold. While some individuals are trying to find creative ways to organize gatherings, other artists have been working hard on their productions thanks to the mandatory break from touring. Among the long list of DJs is the very talented Code: Pandorum

Over the years, the German-born musician quickly built an impressive resume! His former Static: Reset alias was the precedent for his signature stage name, composed with an unordinary colon, while his dark orchestral and bass-heavy sound skyrocketed him to stardom! In addition, he's recognized for revolutionizing the so-called "deathstep" sub-genre of dubstep.

Furthermore, Sven Selka, known professionally as Code: Pandorum, has delivered numerous bone-chilling albums, including his acclaimed GOD LPThe Lovecraftian Horrors and Videodrome. Moreover, he's also dropped other highly praised work such as his Penumbra EP and his God's Army remix album. Today, the rising star released his most hard-hitting album to date. Christened Art of the Devil, the 13-track LP is the embodiment of how an artist can branch out from the norm, while never losing sight of their unique sound!

The impressive new release features A-list collaborations with some of the biggest names in the game, including SnoWhiteTengraphsQoiet and Adam Stone. Let's dig a little deeper. 'Streets of Rage' features Kid Bookie who worked with Corey Taylor of Slipknot to create the chart-climbing single 'Stuck In My Ways', while Vulgatron, one-half of London-based Foreign Beggars, is featured on the track 'Fade to Black.' 

There are also six singles which include official music videos, reinforcing the vision of transforming the tracks into a complete cinematic experience. In addition, fans can count on an official world tour (following the pandemic), including stops in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Note: a limited run of CDs and vinyl records are available for purchase. Furthermore, in celebration of the Art of the Devil release, we've created a brand-new limited-edition baseball jersey. Be sure to get yours quick here as limited quantities are available. Lastly, congratulations to our friend Code: Pandorum for this incredible release! Let us know what you think, Flag fam.


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